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  1. I was back home in Cali a few weeks ago and my pops took me out to breakfast at Johnny Reb's.  He ordered a "breakfast cajun sausage" and i tried a few pieces.  It was AWESOME.  It seemed to have a stripe of mash potatoes in it.  Anyone ever had that?  Ever make something like that.  I thought about mixing mashed papas in it but it wouldn't be the same.  Injection maybe? just got done with a batch of summer and snack sticks and have an itch to learn/make more.


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  2. I make a stuffed sausage with potatoes in it - Varmlandskorv - the sausage can only spend a day or a wee bit more before needing frozen & it must be stored underwater. I have not yet tried mixing any mashed taters in with my fresh breakfast sausage - sort of a hash sausage maybe??
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    I've made a German/Swiss type with potatoes in it. After posting and getting input on here the 'trick' is to use canned potatoes or frozen hash browns was another one. I suppose one could also use the frozen diced taters. Raw taters will throw a lot of juice and turn blackish. If you liked the heat make a Hot Link and add your whacked up canned taters to it after the grind. Here's the link with the comments....HTH, Willie
  4. Thanks a lot for the ideas and starting points.  I appreciate it.

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