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  1. [​IMG]

    Raost 3 Pablano Peppers till outer skin is good and black. Let cool, wash blackened outer skin off remove stem and seeds. Towel dry and set aside.
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  2. smokinal

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    What happened next!

  3. [​IMG]Dice three large Potabella Mushrooms, 1 small onion,  and 1 freash garlic to your taste.  


    combine all the above in pan and saute' with a dash of salt and pepper


    Now take all the above with the Pablano peppers and run through a food processor. make a good course mesh, or is it mess?

    Also at this point, Take 4 lbs chicken breast and grind also. On a cookie sheet with wax paper lay out your chicken mesh and put your Pepper,shroom,onion and garlic mesh down.

  4. Roll into roll, spice the outer layer with your favorite seasoning roll in foil and put in frige overnight.[​IMG]

    Take out of frige wrap in Beacon season again and put in the oh SMOKER on 250 for about 4 hours

  5. AND "WA LA"


    The relish is 1 can black beans, 1 can whole corn, 1 can rotel tomatoes and cilantro to taste. And there you have it. And this post kicked my @$$, IF I DRANK I WOULD be BLASTED right now.
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  6. AL Q-VIEW tore me a new one. Sorry it looks like hell, but I did my best. Talken bout the Q-VIEW
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    Looks great J...... You were all winners.......[​IMG]

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    Now thats a great looking sort of fattie I guess. But it does look like it should taste just off the hook.
  9. I could eat that! Thanks for the q-view
  10. Look yummy...........another recipe for my index.......thanks
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    [​IMG]  another on the to do list
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    nice job....like the choice of chili, poblanos havea great flavor.
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    Great looking Chicken Fattie!...Good thinking...I LOVE Chile Pablano, I use them in every recipe that calls for Green Bell Pepper...JJ
  14. Chef, first time I actually used them. It gave it a whole new taste. I will be using it more myself. I just had a wild hair to try it out for the throwdown and it work out very well. And Thanks.
  15. Just excellent from beginning to end!

    I especially liked the courage to pair red wine with the chix!

    With all that savory going on there I would eat AND drink that!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  16. [​IMG]  Venture, I am a wino i will admit. Reds to me go with anything, even birthday and wedding cake, well for some. I actually baught a kit to brew and brewed my first batch of beer yesterday. I think evey good BBQ pit needs a good Brew master!

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