Jim Beam 4 Rack Steel Digital Smoker

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by arnonor14, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. arnonor14

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    Hi, Im thinking to buy this electric smoker. did anyone use it ?

  2. I am not a Bradley/Jim Beam smoker user but I understand one of the main attractions of the Bradley is that the puck feeder makes it possible to do long smokes without needing to refill a chip tray every 30-45minues. The negative is that the pucks can be a bit expensive compared to alternatives.

    I am a Masterbuilt MES40 user and use an AMNPS to generate smoke. I like this combination because I can also do long smokes without a need to refill the chip tray. Not trying to change you mind on the Jim Beam or saying that it is not a good choice, I just thought I would mention alternatives to the puck feeder method for generating long smokes in case that was your primary reason for thinking about the Jim Beam smoker.
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  3. arnonor14

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    hi hkeiner, Thks for your answer. do u use the sawdust ? how often do you put the sawdust ? can u post a pic of your smoker ?
  4. nepas

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    I have 4 Bradley smokers. Never had any problems with them and i use my AMZNPS in them to. The Jim Beam is just the sticker on the door and not affiliated with JB. Yeah a box of pucks cost $19

    I have the Digital 6 rack, 2 original 4 racks and the portable propane smoker.
  5. chef jimmyj

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    I also have a MES40 and an AMNPS that I use Pellets in. The combination allows smoking from a few degrees over the Outside Temp to 275*F...I seem to remember the Bradley uses 3 pucks per hour, that will add up pretty quick on a 12 hour Butt or a 20 hour Full Packer Brisket...JJ
  6. I use either sawdust or pellets in the AMNPS. Both work fine. You can not use both at the same time. Do a search on AMNPS and MES40 and you will get lots of good information and pics. Better than I could put in my reply. Good luck on whatever your choice of smoker is.
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  7. Basically AMNPS or AMPS made Masterbuilt and Bradly a convenient boxes for smoking. If you use Amazen products it really won;t matter which smoker out of two you get.

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