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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by theblaz, Sep 30, 2015.

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    Hello eveyone. New to making jerky, and while searching for tips, found these forums.

    Just a bit about me, i live in Las Vegas, ive made three batches of jerky so far. Oddly enough, the first was the best. Ive been using a teryaki marinade that i cobbled together over the years of cooking random things. Its been popular to the point where when my roommate gave a piece to a woman she was chatting with at the bar, the woman gave me her business card and started talking about investors and marketing.

    That excited me enough to go for it, so here i am, reading tips and learning as much as possible.

    So far, ive only used bottom round after 24 hours in my marinade. Ive tried cutting with and against the grain, usually 1/4". I say usually because i tried slicing a roast myself and the results were...less than optimal. Now i just have the butcher do it.

    Ive got a Ronco dehydrator that was free, but the reviews about the trays sometimes melting have made me wary of using it on meat before i test it on something cheaper. For now, i dry the jerky in the oven at 170, with the door cracked open to allow airflow. 6 hours seems to do the job, turning once halfway through.

    Anyway, thats all the pertinent info about me, i think. Hi again, looking forward to learning from all of you.

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