Jerky marinade w/cure

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    So I was overly frustrated at sheep's tonight. I was looking for a brine marinade for my wild turkey breasT. They had nothing of the sort. Some of the seasonings were tempting but wasn't sure if they could be used.

    Question being can a guy use a marinade with cure for say wild turkey breasthe and then smoke and slice for lunch meat

    I apologize if I posted this on the wrong thread
  2. yes wild doesn't change anything.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Use to eat wild turkey all the time You can do the same with it as store bought

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    Basically even though it's a jerry marinade .. say like Cajun. A guy could mix that all up with cure and marinade wild turkey breast.Then put in smoker andcook to temp. Then slice
  5. I'm sure it will be good which ever way you decide to go

  6. Brandon, as long as you're using the correct amount of cure for the amount of meat and allowing enough time for a proper cure to take place, the other seasonings matter very little. You'd be seasoning to taste for the most part.
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