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    On 11-6 I posted a batch of jerky that I smoked in the MES 

    Chef JimmyJ asked "Gary your Jerky looks good, big Jerky fans here, but never made it...Do you find a difference in eating texture between slicing Across the grain, the way you did, verses slicing With the Grain, like some Commercial Manufacturers?

    Because I thought it would be more tender I just got use to slicing across the grain and had never thought about trying to cut it any different.  So the only way to answer Chef JJ was to make another batch.  (thanks Jimmy, good excuse).

    Picked up a Eye Round Roast while at Costco.


    Wandering a store while back home and found this seasoning, thought I would try it on 1/2 of the batch.


    This is 1/2 of the 1/2 bagged up and ready for rest in fridge.


    This is my go to receipt when making whole meat jerky.  The 3 lbs is what is listed, just make more or less as needed for the size of the batch your doing.

    3 lbs. meat

    1/2 tbs salt

    1/2 cup warm water

    1/2 cup soy sauce

    1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce

    1 tsp pepper

    garlic powder to taste

    NOTE:Because this has no cure I always keep the jerky in the freezer when done and take out only as needed.

    Mixed up and ready for rest in fridge, usually get this done the night before so around a 12 hour soak.


    I am using the AMNS this time as I do not have to worry about high temps in the MES.  Per Todd's suggestion you can see the Weber charcoal starters at each end, I lit both as I wanted good smoke flavor.  I screwed up my spreadsheet I keep for each smoke so not sure what wood I used, usually it would be Pecan and Apple.


    10 minute burn to get steady smoke.


    MES30 loaded, AMNS working like a charm.


    Next couple of pics show the meat coming out of the smoker and ready for the dehydrator.  Without the smoke log I can only guess that I cold smoked for 3 hours and bumped the heat up the last hour to 160 deg, with the meat cut this thin I believe I am getting it past the 140 deg mark, just too hard to measure the temp in this thin of cut.  AGAIN, I FREEZE WHEN DONE AS THERE IS NO CURE USED.



    Usually in the dehydrator set at 145 deg for 4-6 hours, just coming out ready to be packed up.


    Opened up a bag of each tonight to test the texture so I can respond to Chef JJ.  The left cut with the grain gives a larger slice, otherwise no noticeable difference in appearance.  I am glad the Chef asked the question because after tasting side by side I do like the "with the grain" better, the across the grain has a more soft bit.  I am not one to give a good explanation of meat texture but the bite in the one cut with the grain I believe is better.  These were both done with same brine so there is no noticeable difference in taste just the texture of the meat itself.


    Thanks for looking

  2. raptor700

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    Great experiment,

    I like them both.

    Bacon is the same way.
  3. dougmays

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    Great write up! Thanks
  4. roller

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    When I want dental floss I slice it real thin and with the grain...just kidding...looks great either way but easier for me to eat across the grain...
  5. chef jimmyj

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    THANKS BUDDY!!...I am getting everything together to do some jerky...Dehydrator is here now waiting on Santa for a MES40 and a trip past Todds house for a AMNPS, then I'll be ready to roll...JJ
  6. shtrdave

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    I like with the grain, more chew to it.

    Where are you finding the Shore Lunch jerky kits?

    I found them at Dunhams and then they were gone, I really liked the flavors, I do most of my jerky from the various kits made.

    But I have not found any jerky that I have made that I didn't want to eat, and I am thinking yours wouldn't last long in front of me either.
  7. garyinmd

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    Thanks to all for checking it out.

    Thanks again


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