Jerk Chicken with pimento wood chips, pimento sticks and pimento leaves

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  2. Sounds tasty!

    Happy smoken.

  3. Heads up - DO NOT buy products from that company. I made that mistake, my money disappeared and my products got seized in customs. There is only ONE approved exporter of pimento wood out of Jamaica that has been doing it since 2006 -  All the other fly by night pop up sellers get shut down as they are not approved by the Ministry of Jamaica regardless of what  their FaceBook store says. Trust me -  I learned the hard way (and expensive!).
  4. Is it not obvious that user TheGrillFriend is the owner of !  Are you serious just joined today to post this garbage lie about how you bought wood from a competitor and it got seized by Customs!  Absolutely funny! is a United States based company!  There is no customs involved because it is shipped from the United States!  I have been buying from for a while now with zero problems whatsoever. Packages come to me from rather California or South Dakota. There are no customs and sorry, you are no longer the only authorized company to distribute these type of products here in the states. The fact that you have to join this forum and spew out lies about a competitor shows how pathetic you are of a company.
  5. LOL
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  6. You are completely wrong. Yes, all pimento wood products MUST go through export and import customs in each country. We just spent two weeks in Jamaica meeting with three arms of the government, all of who we have been working with since 2006. We get DOZENS of calls from consumers who are duped by scam sellers of pimento wood, that not only loose their money they also never receive their product as it is seized in customs. There is an absolute reason Jamaica protects this wood as it was almost decimated at the turn of the century. So, go ahead and take your changes with BS companies that try to mimic There is no way you are assured you are actually getting pimento wood, there is no assurance whatever wood you get has been properly decontaminated. We have all the paperwork going back eight years documenting every shipment out of Jamaica, and YES they MUST go through customs leaving Jamaica and through customs in the USA. is the only legitimate exporter of the product for a reason - and well established with an impeccable reputation. We have worked a decade to build the business and I can assure you, you can't simply chop down some pimento wood trees and send them to the USA
  7. I used to be one of your customers TheGrillFriend before discovering pimentowoodproducts. Decided to try their product and it's just as good as your company so please stop bashing competitors, it makes your company look bad.

    Here's a shot of my recent order of sticks, chips and leaves from

    If anyone wants to exchange jerk marinade or rub recipes PM me or I will post a few here in the next couple weeks. Jerk on!
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  8. Happy Superbowl Everyone!!
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    Nice recipe, Looks amazing. 

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