Jerk Butt?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by confederateknowhow, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Has anyone here ever done a jerk butt with a Carribean jerk marinade or injection? I thought it sounded pretty dang good (or maybe I'm just hungry) and wondered if anyone here has ever tried it, and what results came from it.


  2. realtorterry

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    Can't say I have tried it but it sounds awesome!! Maybe Im just hungry too? If you try it please psot some q-view & let us know how it turns out [​IMG]
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    Love jerk chicken.  I bet a butt would be great with it.
  4. I have a pork butt in the freezer...two actually. Sure would be some good eatin for the sons birthday party this weekend. I just might have to try it...
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  6. Thanks for the recipe Scarbelly. It looks very similar to the one I have. How thik is it when its all mixed up. Would it be possible to inject it into the butt? Maybe I can put some of it in the blender to liquify it so it will be injectable, and use the rest as a marinade/rub. I think it would distribute the flavor better it it was injected being that the butts are so large. But in the infamous words of sir mix alot, I like big butts and I cannot lie...

    If I do get around to doing it, I think I might use pineapple juice in the water pan. Heating it up bafore adding to keep the temp inside the smoker from dropping. Probably go with a mix of hickory and apple, or just apple wood for the smoke.
  7. That sounds great, even if you just marinaded it and added the sauce as a finishing sauce on the meat WOW my mouth is watering just talking about it.

    Sounds IRIE !!

    Serve it with some home made jamacian beef patties.

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    Now I have jerked a bunch of different stuff from chicken, butts, steaks and even ribs. Now being Jamerician have been there a dozen times I bring alot of the spices and roots back (I know it's illegal) but we need then them. But the recipe that Scarbelly gave you is pretty darn good. I like rthe Walker's bay brand of jerk mixture is pretty darn good too. Be very careful with the Scoth Bonnet peppers they will hurt you. Now I'm not to sure if injecting the butt will do much for the flavor but you never know cause it is a pretty fattie and soft meat to. But give it a try and let us know and don't forget the Qview.
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    It is not pasty but is not dry either - I like your idea of adding some liquid - use some rum and blend it and inject it - if you dont use rum you could use some apple juice or chicken stock in the mix for the injection - great idea - I dont use a water pan but might add a pan with some of the mix and some onions and garlic in some stock and see how that goes  
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    Jerk Butt or Jerk Ribs, either way it sounds good to me!  Ain't nuttin' to it, but to do it (and post the Qview and your impressions of how it turned out [​IMG]).
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    Just had another thought.  Put it on a pork tenderloin roast and put that baby on the smoker!

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