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  1. Just got Jeffs sauce and rub recipe and have a question about making the sauce. He's not very detailed about cooking the sauce, what heat settings should i go with and how long? Also, I've got the naked rub and texas rub, which rub for is better suited for which meat.  I know its personal preference bet tell me what ya'll prefer each rub on.Thanks, Chris... 
  2. ohiojason

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    For the sauce I just let it simmer for about 20 minutes.

    For the original rub it is good on everything but it really shines on pork.

    I don't have the Texas rub (bought the original recipe before it was available and have not tried to get it yet) but in Texas BBQ=beef so I have to assume that is its best use.
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  3. lemans

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    Try to substitute mustard for ketchup. It's great!!
  4. joe black

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    I use the rib rub and sauce on all pork. As a braise for CSR's I use 2 parts of sauce with 1 part of honey and 1 part of apple juice. When I make the sauce, I put everything together and whisk it. Then I turn the heat on ML until it starts to bubble. Then I turn it down to low and let it simmer for 15-20 minutes, stirring often.
  5. I too purchased the original recipe (Original Rub, Sauce, Smoking Basics eCourse) prior to the Texas Rub being released.  Is this something that I would need to purchase again to get the Texas Rub?  If I follow the link in my confirmation email, the Texas Rub is not available.  As the Original Rub & Sauce are great, I'd sure like to try the Texas Rub also.  I tried to Contact Jeff via the website, but haven't heard anything.

  6. muralboy

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    I have all 3 recipes, but have only made the sauce.  Very good!  Can't wait to try the rubs.
  7. So you can only buy his recipe or does he also sell the rub and/or sauce already made?
  8. tropics

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    He sells the recipe The money helps keep this site up and running.I have the recipes I did not make the sauce yet,the rub I use on everything.

  9. If you e-mail Jeff, he will send you the Texas rub recipe.
  10. Gotcha. Thanks!
  11. I've attempted to contact Jeff via email twice, and Private Message once.  Haven't gotten a response.  Anyone know how to contact him?  As mentioned, I purchased to BBQ Sauce and Original Rub recipes a long time ago, but sure would like to try the Texas Rub.

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    Ill send him a text alerting him to the fact that your trying to get in touch with him.
  13. bmudd,

    Thanks for helping out.  Jeff sent me an email last night.  Can't wait to try this rub.

  14. jherrera214

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    I just bought Jeff's rub recipe and my question is does the recipe get sent to me by email or regular mail?
  15. A link was sent via email for me.

    BTW, both rubs and the sauce are great.
  16. jherrera214

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    Thanks. Shortly after i asked the question, the email came in with the recipe.
  17. lemans

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    Ya know smoking is about eliminating the variables . With Jeff's rub and sauce that's two items less you have to worry about !!

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