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  1. I have been a member on the forums for a couple of years.  I have put off buying the recipes because "$20.00 is a lot of money for a recipe",  however $20.00 for all the information that I have got from this website is a steal!!  I am buying the recipes today.  

    Funny how our brain works, $20 for a recipe that is crazy, I am going to go to Kroger and buy some $4.00 bbq sauce that has high-fructose corn syrup (Satan's sweetener) as its first ingredient.  They go buy some rub that is $4.25 for 12 oz of sugar, salt and little bit of spice.  

    Going to buy recipes today, will leave feedback after I try it. Going to do the "Smoked Ham for Thanksgiving" from November 2012.
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    Funny thing that I used Jeff's rub for the first time on spiral cut ham during I believe was the 2012 Thanksgiving.   Awesome stuff.  In fact today I'm doing my first Boston Butt with it.
  3. Good luck. I'm sure it will turn out just fine.
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    And that is the thing. You buy the product at store for $4.25, use it up, then must go back and get more, etc, etc, etc. When you get the recipe, you just need the spices and condiments and end up with much more sauce/rub in the long run. The Grocery store product runs out, these recipes never will.
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    Yup, Yup, Yup........

    I wanted to do a Boston Butt today and was very low in my Jeff's Rub.  Got out the everyday ingredients and in 5 minutes, had a whole bag full.  Otherwise, "OMG, I'm out of rub and must rush to the store"........NOT!
  6. dego

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    Sorry this is kind of off topic but not. Jeff has his book with 80 recipes in it. Is his rub and sauce in this book or is it separate? I just want to know before I buy.
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    I have yet to get the book but it is my understanding that the Rub Recipe is separate and is not in the book.
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    you are correct. The rub and sauce recipes are not in the book but there are many rub and sauce recipes in there.
  9. I have been on this site since 09' and the info has made me suck a better cook inside as well as around my grills. I just purchased the recipes and love them, being able to add or subtract from them I think is a great thing. I wish I would have given back to this forum long before, what a great bunch of people, recipes and ideas with out it I think my weekends would still be spent looking down at the same boring burgers. Thanks to all that have invested in time and money for this forum
  10. A while back I was debating between buying the rub/sauce recipe or Jeff's book....I didn't want to paypal someone 20 bucks for a recipe that reads "2 cups brown sugar....1/2 cup pepper...mix well". So I bought the book and thought it was a great book with some great recipies, so 20 bucks later I have a very good rub/sauce recipe.  Well worth the money and supporting a free forum is just icing on the cake.  Another reason IHMO to charge 20 bucks is that people will keep the recipe to themselves rather than post it online for everyone to use.

    Thanks everyone
  11. I just purchased the recipe. I'll try it out this weekend. 
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    Haven't tried the sauce yet but I have to say the rub was surprisingly good! I put it on some turkey breasts for thanksgiving and it turned out great. Will try this rub the next time I smoke ribs as well
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    As for the price... I vaguely remember reading somewhere about how much time Jeff had dedicated to the site. But it's more than just the site, his book and recipes as well. While it may be cheap to host, it still costs. And I don't think I could justify paying monthly out of my pocket with my limited income, nor do I have the time for all of this with no return, so put yourself in his shoes. I seriously doubt he's retired and living it up in Belize solely off of profits from his recipe and books. So, $20 is a small donation to a good cause, a great community, and like others have said, for a recipe that I can continue to make myself now. And it's not bad either!
  14. I finally broke down and purchased the recipes. Looking forward to seeing how people like it. i have catered for many parties and weddings with my own sauce and people loved it. Problem is, I have grown to not like it. I'm looking forward to change.
  15. Threw down some ribs, t-bones, and chicken this weekend. Awesome stuff. I need to tone down the spice for the wife, though. I added a third stick of unsalted butter and 1/4 cup of beer to the sauce. I like it, but too spicy for the wife. Guess she gets her own special batch.
    Money well spent. Got some great recipes and contributed to the forum.
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    It really doesn't have to be one or the what if he makes a little above the cost of hosting this site?  Maintaining and monitoring a site like this is work.  I just joined this forum (and bought the recipes).  From everything I've seen in this short time, the forum is run very well!  The great thing is that purchasing the recipes is optional...users don't have to order them, and can still have access to the site.  I belong to a few other forums related to metal detecting and another to Harleys...both of these sites ask for $$$ if you want access to the entire site.

    If the $18.95 seems high,  then the individual recipes can be purchased for less than $10.



    CWO2 USMC Retired

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    There are tons of rub recipes floating around on the internet and I tried several of them
    [​IMG]Welcome Hoosier guy, and thanks for your service[​IMG]

    This is the best BBQ site out there IMHO and has a lot less bickering and backbiting than the others.  Lots more folks on here that readily help you out without telling you how stupid you are for not spending two days digging through the archives looking for an answer you needed 15 minutes ago![​IMG]

    I don't do the Harley scene, but do my share of metal detecting, and of course, Ham radio
  18. Amen!!
  19. Both the rub and the sauce work well together, supporting this forum in the process makes it a win in my opinion.
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    just bought the recipes hope they are as good as everyone is saying

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