Jeff's Rub, Apple wood, Albacore Tuna & Halibut

Discussion in 'Grilling Fish' started by manzwood, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. manzwood

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    I was looking for something else to try out my first batch of Jeff's Rub on when I found some flash frozen Albacore Tune steaks and Halibut hiding in our freezer. 

    After careful thawing I dusted the fish with Jeff's rub and let them sit until I started to get some TBS from the Apple wood chips in our Weber Genesis grill with the smoking accessory.

    Got the Tuna started first since it was a little more than twice as thick then put the Halibut on to bask in the smokey goodness.

    The Halibut was fantastic. Smokey and moist while the tune may have been a tad over cooked even after pulling it at 140 degrees F internal temp.

    Bottom line...there were still NO leftovers!
  2. radio

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    That looks Good!!!!!!!  I'm impressed how well you have fine tuned the Weber to get outstanding results for it not being a smoker as we are normally acquainted with.  I did many a brisket, beer can chicken and pork ribs on a grill using indirect heat and wood chips, but it was a hit or miss affair and never could get consistent results. 

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