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  1. The wife and I stopped by the good butcher yesterday, and I mentioned Jeff's email about brining and smoking thick cut pork chops. The wife immediately ordered up two nice center cut chops that were a good inch and a half thick. I followed Jeff's recipe exactly - half gallon apple cider with a half cup of kosher salt, brined in the fridge for 5 hours. After brining they were quickly rinsed, dried and coated with Jeff's rub (I didn't see a need for the olive oil coating). Into the smoker they went at 230* using mesquite pellets in the AMNPS, supposedly for 2 hours according to instructions - but they actually reached 150* in an hour and a half. I shut the heat off and let them sit in the smoke until the wife's favorite no-boil Mac & Cheese was done. I usually put in a can of cream of mushroom soup, but to my horror the pantry was bare - but I did have a can of cream of chicken soup, which turned out to taste really good as a substitute. Wife claimed it was the best pork chop she has ever eaten, and she would never again cook meat in the house because the smoker is turning out all these awesome meals. I'm stuffed, and highly recommend this easy to make meal.

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    That looks delicious, Baja!  Nicely done, sir!


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