Jeff's BBQ Sauce and Rib Recipe

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  1. brlattim

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    Hey everyone,

    I got a new pc. Long story short, my wife left our old one in a bag by her luggage at a train station a few weeks ago and it was stolen when she was distracted. Quite awesome, as I had my music collection on it (backed up, but sorted nicely and cataloged)...anyway I lost my recipe for Jeff's awesome sauce and rub recipe. I remember 90% of it, but can't remember the exact measurements. I should have printed it, but usually pulled it up on our laptop which is where many of our recipes lived.

    Assuming Jeff has a record of our orders right? It was about 4 years ago, but this was my go to for pork shoulder and bbq chicken. Thoughts?

    This time I am going to print and laminate. Hopefully Jeff stores his records. I plan to email him later today.
  2. driedstick

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    He should have your order, Were you able to get it from him. 

    Good luck. 


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