JayBone's Reverse Seared Rib Eye & Filets

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  1. Cold smoked a rib eye (for me) and two filets (for wife & daughter) for about an hour in my Brinkman Electric Smoker.  Then used Alton Brown's chimney starter cooking method for high heat searing.  Modified the chimney starters with stainless steel screen at bottom to prevent coals and ashes from falling onto meat.

    Steaks and onions cold smoking in Brinkman Electric (AMNPS providing smoke)

    EVOO'd & Garlic Salted Taters & Asparagus grilled on Weber Genesis

    Steaks & Onions at end of cold smoke

    Chimney Starters ready to cook steaks.  Used Alton Browns high heat searing technique.  Put steaks under chimneys for 2 minutes, flip steaks and continue searing under chimneys for another 2 minutes, move steaks on top of chimneys and sear for 2 minutes, flip steaks and sear for another 2 minutes (total cook time 8 minutes).

    This is what the steaks look like after the 8 minute searing process.

    This last picture shows the plated meal.

    Tasted great!  Thanks for looking.
  2. Fantastic looking meal JayBone...I just finished dinner and I'm hungry again!!![​IMG]  Thanks for sharing the View.[​IMG]
  3. seenred

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    Man, JayBone....that looks great!  Nicely done, sir....

  4. Thanks Red!  The food was delicious.

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