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    When using jalapenos in summer sausage, do you use the ones from a jar or chop up fresh.  If fresh do you boil or roast them to bring out some heat?  Or does the heat come out from smoking & baking? 
  2. I use fresh. 1 pepper per pound of meat. My last batch I cut the stem and seeds out. Next time I'm going to leave seeds in. Good luck.
  3. I use fresh just like Bowtech9.  If you want heat leave the seeds in if you want flavor without the heat take the seeds out.  1 pound per pepper is just as Bowtech9 said a good ratio. 
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    Jalapenos can be wildcards.They might  taste like grass, or they might blow your head off. You can't tell just by looking.

    Once a salsa maker explained to me that they use jalapenos that are completely mild, no heat at all - then to get a reliable heat level, they add pepper extract to a certain level so they'll get a consistent product from batch to batch. Look for something like "oleoresin of capsaicin" in the ingredients.

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