Jalapeno / sea salt brine

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  1. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    I did 2 - 13.47 lb. turkeys at 6 hours and 45 minutes at 250* on a charcoal smoker.

    Also try sea salt brine for 22 hours with that weight, want to

    impress yourself and the family??

    2 gallon water and 1 quart

    2 1/4 cup sea salt

    1 cup white sugar

    2 cups jalapeno

    2 cups jalapeno juice

    2 tbsp. red pepper     Boil, cool to 70*.   Put bird in for your 20-22 hours in basement fridge.   (My birds went for 27.94 hours)

    Inject with apple juice, jalapeno & butter injection or nothing!

    Pat dry, rub with olive oil and smoke to desired color.   wrap with tin foil until to temp.!!!!!!

    COOL PART IS, THIS IS NOT SPICY!!       -Just flavor, my family is not hot lovers and I tried it....nothing but carcasses!!  I promise!
  2. It sounds tasty!

    Happy smoken.


  3. sandyut

    sandyut Smoke Blower

    quick question about the jalapenos and jalapeno juice - are these bottled/caned or fresh?  Love hot food, this sounds great!
  4. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    I get the gallon jars of jalapeno.
    It gives the pepper flavor with mild spice.

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