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Discussion in 'ABT's' started by victor, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. victor

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    I think I need one of these.

    Anyone using this?
  2. Yes. Holes, or maybe its the peppers, are never the right size. Sometimes the peppers fit. Sometimes they don't. I usually end up cutting them open lengthwise and filling them Iike boats, place bacon on top and toothpick them.
  3. seenred

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    :yeahthat: Same here.

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  4. The wife and I have a soft spot for fun and goofy kitchen and BBQ gadgets. But I'm with Chuckles and SeenRed, I usually just split them lengthwise. Now if you want a funnel cake maker that's never been used, let me know!
  5. One thing I did not explain too clearly. I stated that I cut them lengthwise, but I don't cut them down the middle. I usually only slice off a side. Maybe 1/3 the thickness of the pepper. This lets the sides of the boat curve in a bit and holds the filling better. Sometimes, I finely chop the part I slice off and mix some of it with the filling. I really like cubed Colby, and then filled with a mixture of cream cheese, onion flakes (IMO it kind of binds the filling together) and some of the chopped jalapeno. I save the remaining chopped jalapeno for omelets.
  6. victor

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    Thanks for the feedback. I may consider some aluminum expanded metal bent accordingly.

    I have never made ABT's. And, I would have cut them in half. But, I'll use Chuckles' tip.
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  7. bandcollector

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    Victor,  Try These!

    21  Jalapenos

    1    Block Cream Cheese

    1T  Neely's Rub*

    1    Can Minced Clams

    1t   Minced Garlic

    1    Handful Crumpled Blue Cheese

    1    Handful Chopped Mushrooms

    1T  Honey

    *Neely's Rub

    1/2 C Paprika

    1/4 C White Sugar

    1t      Onion Powder


  8. victor

    victor Fire Starter


    Thanks for the recipe. I will certainly try it out. I was going to purchase a jalapeno griller like the one posted above. I liked the appearance of it in that it has "presentation virtues". However, the tightwad that I am; I just can't see paying $45-$50 bucks for it.

    So, this morning I procured some flat aluminum plates that I will put stainless steel hardware on for footing, and drill several holes with a holesaw. Since I have 8 plates of this stock that is 11" x 13", I will bore different size holes to accomodate different size peppers. I'm really not sure what size holes I want to use at this time. I'm open for suggestions. And, I'll also make a small template of the hole size to take to the store so I can handpick appropriate size peppers. These plates won't be snazzy lookin', but they will be functional. I'm really anxious to try it out.
  9. bandcollector

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    Sounds like you are on the right track...I think your home made grillers will work out just fine.

    I use a commercial one and it works great.

  10. dirtsailor2003

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    I like BBQ gadgets, but for ABT's I just wrap them good with the bacon so everything stays inside and then lay them on the grill. Very rarely have a major blow out. I do like doing boat style when stuffing with pulled pork or sausage. Easier to get the meat cheese mixture in!
  11. billyj571

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    I use one got it from the chilli grill ,they have their on web site just goggle it
  12. Victor, some how I missed your post 3 weeks ago about making your own. I like the way you think. I wish I had your talent and tools. Have you made this yet? If so, how'd it work out? Patent pending? How bout some photos.
  13. They had some jalapeño holders on clearance from home depot this week. They hold 12 and where $2.33 each so I bought 2.

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  14. bandcollector

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    Saw them today at Home Depot for $9.99
  15. I've got one, a different brand, as I prefer my jalapenos not to be wrapped in bacon.  As much as I love bacon, when you wrap your stuffed peppers in bacon you tend to lose the "taste" of whatever stuffing you used.  I tend to taste the bacon and a bit of the pepper, everything else is lost.  This is the reason I went with the stand up, cut the top off, core the inside and stuff, griller.

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