Jalapeno Baby Backs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by reinhard, Aug 19, 2015.

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    Try'd something new.  Wanted some heat on my ribs so this idea popped into my head.  Sure I could add some crushed hot peppers or spicy sauce but I like trying something new [maybe not new idea but it is for me].  Two slabs of baby backs.  One with just rub and one that will have the rub, peppers, and my sauce [I call it Reinhards Caught A Buzz Sauce LOL].  Pulled the membranes, smeared the mustard, seasoned both and on one put jalapeno peppers that were scraped and halved.  Used my Char-Griller barrel type grill/smoker for this.  Normally I would use the smoker or use the Char-Grill with the side fire box for the heat but I was pressed for time.  In-direct heat of course.  After I did all of the above,  I double foiled both racks and put them in the grill for about 2 hours.  The temp inside the grill ran about 300 deg.  After that I took the foil off and started to mop the rack with the peppers. The other rack with just the rub, I spritzed with apple juice and brandy mix when needed [the leftovers of that went to the cook].  Here are some pics: Reinhard

    Membrane off, one rack with just rub and one with peppers.

    Freedom from the foil and the two racks are on their way to tenderness.

    Here I pulled them off the grill ready to serve.

    Those peppers gave the rack some heat.  Next time I may leave the seeds in for a little more.  

    My plate shot.  My wife like to dip her ribs in my sauce but I like it on.  The peppers and rice went well with the ribs.  Sprinkled some red pepper flakes on my rice as well as a little sesame oil and soy sauce.
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    That looks like Hello would be on my tongue.A little much for this old man.

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    Nice , I'll have to try this .

    Thanks for the look and the idea!!!


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