Jack Daniels chips or pellets

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by buckinducks, May 7, 2014.

  1. buckinducks

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    Just wondering what y'all cook with the jack Daniels chips or pellets. Bought a bag of chips cause they were cheap and thought it was neat how they were made from a jd barrel. Opened the bag at home and the smell is just awesome! Too scared they will be overpowering of flavour though
  2. dward51

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    They are not overpowering when burned. What you are smelling is the residual flavor of the JD infused wood. It is tempered by the heat.

    I was at the local Kroger Sunday and they had the big bags of JD wine barrel chunks (more like cut staves) marked down from $16 a bag to $3.99.  Bought every bag they had.  Will use that in the WSM pit.  Also picked up two bags of Cherry chunks at the same price.

    When not using the chunks/staves, I have used the chips in the WSM.  I just put in a fist sized batch clumped together.  It burns faster than the staves, but the chips are easier to find in stock at my local store.  The base wood the barrels are made from is oak so both the chips and chunks burn like regular oak chips or chunks of the same size.

    I've also used the pellets in my pellet tray.  I usually put a little oak in the bottom of the tray and top it off with the JD pellets as they seem harder to keep lit when using straight JD pellets. 

    As to what I've cooked over JD?  Pretty much everything at one time or another.  It does change the flavor of the oak smoke and has a unique flavor IMO.

    Try them and let us know how you like the results.  Especially on markdown and of the JD smoke pellets/chips/chunks are a good grab.
  3. buckinducks

    buckinducks Smoke Blower

    I think the open bag smells great ! Just like a two six of jd would smell, was almost worth my 5 bucks just to smell it! But looking forwards to trying it out on ribs and maybe jd burgers!

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