I've done it...1st brisket!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by dirtyduc83, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. dirtyduc83

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    Decided to take the plunge last last night and smoke my first brisket. Researched a lot here to put together my plan. I decided on a 10.5 lb select brisket as it was cheaper and smaller than the choice grade briskets at Cash & Carry. I knew that the lesser marbling would possibly result in a dryer end product. I decided I would be ok with that.

    Decided on an overnight smoke, no foil, simple salt and pepper rub and hickory and maple for smoke.

    Here's the timing:
    1900 - preheated MES40 to 225 (which actually requires me to set it to 240)
    1900 - 1930 trimmed and rubbed
    1930 - lit up the AMNPS and attached mailbox mod
    2000 - in to the MES the brisket went with Mav 733 taking ambient and meat temp
    2400 - Brisket just over 140 IT and went to bed
    0730 - brisket at about 183
    0845 - brisket at 190 IT and started probing, still a few spots with some resistance
    1000 - brisket hits 195 IT and very little resistance all over, wrapped in double layer of foil and in to a cooler with some towels. Total cook time 14 hrs
    1240 - got home from running errands, unwrapped and removed point to make burnt ends tomorrow and sliced up some of the flat for a sammy

    The flat was a little dry but very tender! Bent and pulled apart with ease. Bark was still very firm and had a great bite to it...maybe too much. Any ideas on how to reduce the firmness of the bark without the foil wrap? Would some liquid in a drip pan help? The whole smoke seemed easier than I expected but I think that all the great info on this site helped me feel confident. I slept through the stall also and I think that kept me from worrying about it.

    Overall I consider this first brisket a success! I was prepared to have either chewy or dry crumbly brisket but luckily landed right in the middle. I think I overtrimmed the brisket and will probably leave more fat on the next time around.

    I only took a finished pic as I got too hungry while slicing a bit for a sandwich. I might warm the flat later with a little beef broth for dinner and will try to remember to take some sliced pics.

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  2. Nice Job, bark look great, lets see some slices

  3. dirtyduc83

    dirtyduc83 Fire Starter

    Here's a sliced pic and some chunks that will become burnt ends
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  4. bear55

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    Looks very nice. I wrap my briskets at 165 and have yet to have a dry one.  Of course wrapping impacts the bark thickness and some people say the taste. 

  5. Nice Brisket and fantastic bark  I'll bet it's tasty

  6. one eyed jack

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    Congratulations on your first brisket.  Looks like it was a success. 

    I don't have a lot of experience with select grade brisket's but I have sworn off of them.  (At least for un-wrapped smoking).  I feel that choice or better is worth the extra money.

    I may try wrapping a select but won't do another without wrapping.
  7. b-one

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    Looks tasty can't wait to. See the burnt ends!
  8. graco

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    Looks good!
  9. dirtyduc83

    dirtyduc83 Fire Starter

    Thanks for checking it out. It was very tasty and I plan to find a Prime brisket for the next brisket smoke. The other change I'm going to make is to use straight hickory to get a stronger smoke flavor. That should result in a tender AND juicy brisket.
  10. dirtyduc83

    dirtyduc83 Fire Starter

    Yah, I doubt I'll do a select again. This was just a trial run to get my process figured out. I'll definitely be bucking up for at least a choice brisket next time, if I can't find Prime. Knowing that I could pull off smoking a select without it turning in to shoe leather or meat crumbles was a good test for me.
  11. driedstick

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    Dang it that sure looks great, I still yet have to do a brisky. Your post is getting me closer.

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

  12. Hello.  My good friend gary s has posted 2 very good threads on Texas style brisket ( links below ).  He's my brother from another mother in that we smoke brisket in almost EXACTLY the same way.  I always say the quality of the meat affects the finished product BUT there is always much talk of select vs choice vs prime vs wagyu.  When talking meat I think folks get confused.  Buy the meat from a good quality supplier.  IF you go to the cheapest place in town to buy your brisket; yes, you will probably be getting an inferior product no matter the USDA rating.  Even their prime is on the bottom rung for a "prime" rating.  They are the cheapest in town for a reason.  When investing so much time, effort, and money in supplies why would you then buy the cheap and nasty cut of meat to start with??  I'll bet in many cases you spend $20.00 in spices, charcoal and smoking wood just to get that meat smoked.  Pay a little more from a good supplier and then select is as good as the choice from the cheap guys.  I always chose a good supplier and then buy the cheapest brisket he has for sale.  Never had any issues of dry brisket because of the USDA rating.  I never foil my brisket and I even let my smoker "float" between 275-350.  I try to stay 325-350.  No issues of dry or tough.  The other thing I think folks mess up brisket with is trimming the fat.  Why would you do that?  The flavor is in the fat and that fat rindering helps to baste the brisket.  You don't have to eat the fat.  Trim it when you slice it, fat has done it's work by then.  Just my opinions.  Keep Smokin!



  13. icyhot

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    Couldent of said it better myself kc5tpy
  14. timberjet

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    You don't get much better than that. Looks great from here. You get an a plus for your first Brisket. Way to go.
  15. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    sharpen knife. no end pieces 
  16. fwismoker

    fwismoker Master of the Pit

    I rarely stop and click on the dishes on the front page but this POPPED out to me i felt i had to post.... Looks FANTASTIC!!!!       You hit the sweet spot on the first brisky cook![​IMG]
  17. You just can't ask for much better than that  Looks Fantastic   [​IMG]

  18. disco

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    This is your first brisket? It looks great!


  19. aceoky

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    Awesome job on a first Brisket !



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