Its Xmas so that means Sparkling Shiraz.

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    Yes people you read right shiraz with bubbles served chilled.Invented here in the 1890s & originally called Sparkling Burgundy until the French whined about we Aussies using the name burgundy.

    Long before this country became as wine fixated as now,when men drank beer &/or rum we still drank Sparkling Shiraz at Xmas with our turkey.

    The very best is the Seppelts Show Reserve not released very often only in the very best of vintages & after 8 to 10 years on lees.Current release a 2004 only 1000 cases first release since 1994 & its going to cost you wait for it …..$100 a bottle.

    It will sell out easy. It will go 30 years in the cellar,no cork,crown seal like a beer bottle. Bright raspberry,mushroom,earth spice & leathery black cherry,dry almost tannic finish .13.5%.Smoothly opulent style 

    Its what we drink with turkey or duck,roast meats,Xmas pudding on stinking hot Xmas days.

    There are many to choose from at different price points non vintage for less than $20 up to $30. Vintages like 2006 by really good wineries up to $50.

    Its made in Victoria & South Australia mostly . 

    I will grab a few stick them in here as the mood takes me.

    If I can get organised I will take one down the coast this w/e & cook some duck to go with it.
  2. A nice bottle of wine should make for a Merry Christmas.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Mick this is a first for me, an epic treat thus, and I want EVERY BLOODY DETAIL and so do teach us!

    This, along with ZEBRA chops, go on my list for 2015 "must try items" and so thanks for adding to my new year's experience! Next year is the year of fantastic things!

    Meanwhile, I'm starting a Thanksgiving thread tomorrow late day (EST) or evening, and hope everyone, whether celebrating Thanksgiving, the storm, or not; will chime in and post their drinks and their eats. Come join the fun!

    Cheers and bring forth the bubbles!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
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    I will grab a couple of examples today.Good non vintage less than $30.I will also get some champagne including some from Tassie.
    We don't do Thanksgiving here but it is a year of my partner & me as a couple so that's enough reason to pop a cork .
    We will be down the coast for a few days unplugging from the rat race.
    Looking forward to seeing what you guys eat at Thanksgiving.
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    Ok it's going to be duck,cherry & thyme sausages. My mate used to make duck,orange & pistachio but decided to do a Xmas version . It always cherries at Xmas.
    I will open a Sparkling . Shiraz It's often the first drink on Xmas day here. In wine making districts that can be with your bacon & eggs!
    It's a great wine on a stinking hot day when you are having cold turkey,ham & salad.
    It's not Xmas yet but I am going out on a mission to show case it as a wine. Good work if you can get it.
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    Can't get the tool bar to post photos from I pad.
    If you are interested go to the Bleasdale wines site. It's very well done. Great history started in 1850 by a shipwright should appeal to dirt sailor .
    We are having their Sparkling Shiraz ,non vintage .
    Photos may have to wait until Monday.
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  9. So interesting! A must have!!! I love learning new things! How fun!
    Thank you for this!
    Cheers! - Leah
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    This was a simple meal,sausages & salad ,we had a 3 hour drive behind us.
    Sausages were great , I think they are mostly duck with a bit of chicken,thyme,cbp,garlic & some cherry bits.
    Now the wine. Best served 8 to 10C, this was great. Sweet berry fruits,dry but full & rich.Raspberry,blackberry,depth of flavour,great colour.
    Langhorne Creek as a wine region a bit of a story for another time,but this family outfit started out in 1850 so they have some experience.
    This is all about the season.In some way it's got that Beaujolais ,Rose chilled red feel but it's Shiraz & distinctly Aussie. It has all those Shiraz characteristics but it is it's own thing with over a 125 years of history in this country.
    I bought about 6 from different makers & regions I will attempt to engage in some meaningful comparisons :biggrin:

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