It's Trailer Time!!!

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by fourashleys, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. The new rig was in the driveway for about 6 hrs. before momma said it had to go. I was lovingly instructed to build a trailer and get it moved. Well, here goes. I got a trailer kit at Harbor Frieght for $200 and started making what I needed.

  2. I got my center of balance figured out for the smoker and started modifying the trailer to hold the beast.

    Some bracing for the rear crossmember and then had to extend the tongue 42" to get the rig to fit properly. Getting this trailer was just what I needed since it was easier to lengthen it than to narrow down a 4' wide trailer. I've got a narrow path to get it to the back yard.

  3. [​IMG]

    Had to take the wheels off to get the smoker high enough to get the trailer under it. Sat on there like it was made for it though. Actually I guess it was made for it.LOL. Lots of welding and bolting. Made a few extra braces for stability but I'm gonna guess the trailer comes apart before the smoker comes off. A little overkill never hurt anyone.
  4. A little paint and some wheels and it is just about done. I got a few odds and ends to finish it (hitch, tongue jack, wiring) and she'll be road ready!

    My wife said it looks "intimidating" now that it's on the trailer. Not the look I was going for but I'm not complaining.

  5. chefrob

    chefrob OTBS Member

    outstanding job and looks great!
  6. smokinal

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    Looks great, maybe a little top heavy. Wouldn't want to go around a corner too fast.
  7. Nice looking rig. great job[​IMG]
  8. Most of the weight is down fairly low but I won't be doing any road racing with it. It's actually more stable than it looks or I thought it would be. [​IMG]
  9. boykjo

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    did the trailer come assembled? I have one and put it together some 20 yrs ago and I remember what a pain in the but it was. Took about 6-8hrs. All the nuts were lock nuts and my hands were tired from tightening all them bolts turn by turn.

    Nice rig.............[​IMG]
  10. nope it was the same kind of kit. labor intensive but worth it. [​IMG]
  11. Looks really good.

    Nice way to finish up your build.
  12. Nice job! I've used the same trailer on a 120 gal build and it worked great. Let us know how it smokes too.
  13. NIce!!  I'll have to check on those trailers.  Might be the way I'd like to go with a towable smoker!  Sweet!
  14. dutch

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    fourashleys- just a word of caution and I'm speaking from experience here; those small wheels will not hold up for long on speeds greater than 45 mph. A buddy and me where pulling that same Harbor Freight trailer with a big ol' load of green wood behind his pick'em up truck down the freeway when the right side tire blew. The blow out caused the trailer to flip over several times; tearing the ball off the hitch and snapping the safety chains. We ended up with fire wood spilled all down the freeway embankment-and the trailer ended up against the barrier fence that runs between the freeway and the frontage road. Lucky for us that we were in the right lane and not the center lane where my buddy likes to drive or there would of been a couple vehicles taken out when the trailer flipped!The Trooper that pulled up behind us explained that those itty-bitty tires didn't belong on the freeway-my buddy got off with a warning for not using "proper equipment. My buddy then made the switch to a larger axle and mounted new wheels and 15in tires on his trailer and he hasn't had any problems since.For now, just stick to surface streets and keep your speeds down. We would like you to be around a these forums for a long time to come!
  15. Dutch, I've thought about that. My plan is to keep it around town and unless someone buys it I'll upgrade to a heavier tire. I'm glad ya brought it up as nobody wants to see this thing do cartwheels down the freeway.
  16. fpnmf

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    Looks great!!

     Awesome job!!

  17. tom37

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    I agree It looks awesome, I hate to even ask cause you have probably already answered it. But whats BEVO stand for? 

    I was gonna try and be funny and tell ya all that I used that same axle for my trailer.... LOL    but I just can't. 

    I will also offer my vote for keeping it under 45 as well. We dont want to see ya as a champion in smoker gymnastics!!!!!!! NO ONE wins at that game.

    You all were talking about the bolts and all. Is it as bad as those cheep metal sheds that have a million tiny screws. You know the ones that makes your fingers hurt just looking at it.
  18. Bigger bolts with nylon locknuts. But I think there are just as many.LOL BEVO is the Texas Longhorns mascot and as a born SOONER if ya got Bevo, I now have a place for him.  [​IMG]

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