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  1. moikel

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    I was given a bottle of Grange Hermitage by a grateful client some years back.

    Grange is this country's best red wine. The current pricing has gone beyond stupid because Chinese buyers buy it in bulk & it gets traded in the secondary market like  an asset. The more the wine company charge the more the Chinese buyers want it. I have never bought a bottle probably never will 

    News flash people its a drink[​IMG]

    The bottle I have is 1988 ,looks in good order. 

    Its 2 weeks before we leave for New York, 6 months since Linda & I started up. Pass the cork screw.[​IMG]

    1988 was this country' s bi centennial ,first actual white settlement 1788 Sydney Cove. 

    So tonight its getting drunk.

    Doing roo strip loin,marinating now in red wine,cbp,garlic,thyme EVO ,rosemary,balsamic vinegar. Roasted beets,shallots,garlic,with goats cheese.wallnuts & balsamic dressing & green something ,haven't decided yet.[​IMG]


  2. Oh YES!!!! From the roo to the righteous libation, I just adore this! How fabulous that you cracked the seal! Fantastic!! I toast you on!!! Cheers! - Leah
  3. moikel

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    OK  some photos.

    Roasted beets,little onions,garlic,goats cheese, fried dry shallots,walnuts ,balsamic & EVO.

    Who said romance is dead?

    I hit the roo hard & fast then put it in the oven to rest after I turned it off.

    Reduced marinade but it was a bit dark & grainy ,tasty so I went with it.

    Greens was what the locals call ra'pe ,blanched then fried with home made speck ,garlic,chilli ,onion.

    The Grange ?

    If I had bought it with my hard earned I would be "blowing up deluxe" Aussie speak for expressing a negative opinion. 

    But I didn't ,so honestly… its a great glass of wine & the ultimate expression of wine making skill & history in this country. 

    I can buy 24 bottles of AAA +  wine for the price of a bottle of Grange. No surprises as to the option I would take.

    The next release of Grange may be $ 700 a bottle because of its cult status. 

    In the words of a wise old man ( my late father)" if you pay that you must be  starting your  working day by putting your head up your arse"[​IMG]
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    That plate looks great Mick! Congrats on the anniversary!
  5. That kangaroo, and all else, and the ambiance even, just looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!!!! Cheers!!!!! - Leah
  6. dls1

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    That's a great looking meal with a grand bottle of wine.

    Thanks to a couple hardcore collector friends of mine I've had the opportunity a number of Grange vintages, which have all been great. That said, the prices have become something beyond silly. I'd venture to guess that the initial release price of the 88 you had was somewhere around $40 USD. Today, on the secondary market it's going for $550-$600 USD. And, in recent years, the initial release prices have become even sillier. I recently heard that the 2014 initial release price for the 2009 vintage Bin 95 was $785 USD. As you said, you can buy a case or two of some outstanding wines for that kind of money.

    I don't know if you're aware of it, but New York based private equity firm KKR made a somewhat predatory bid about a week ago to buy Penfold's parent company, Treasury Wine Estates. Their bid was rejected as being too low, which it probably was, but KKR has a habit and track record of ultimately getting what they want.
  7. moikel

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    Yes I did see the stock market play. Penfolds very iconic & very Aussie with a lot of history.

    In wine terms they have a great track record & are bench mark wines in a lot of ways. 

    The Grange went stupid a few years back.Its a status symbol & the price is distorted accordingly.The Chinese are mad about it.

    Next release may be $700 A . I think thats the first time I have ever drunk it. I just realised it had been sitting there in the cellar for a few years gathering dust.

    I dont trade or invest in wine I just drink it[​IMG].

    I am also a bit of a bargain hunter & a supporter of the little guys who run on passion ,hands on skill & hard work. I also like regionality .

    Robert Parker has a following so wines he picks gets rushed to the USA market. 

    He seems to lean toward the bigger styles I don't pay much attention to him. 
  8. foamheart

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    Looks great Moikel. The meats plate appearance is quite similar to American buffalo. It has that dark red color.

    Beautiful plate! I bet the GF loved it. Grats.
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  9. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    It's great meat very lean. I eat it a fair bit. You just have to hit it hard & fast,beets a great accompaniment . It's a lot like venison .

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