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  1. This weekend, the one just prior to thanksgiving every year spurs me into doing huge smoke jobs.

    this weekend is no exception.

    1. maple-crushed peppercorn bacons

       (8) 10 lb bellies been curing (8) gal Vat

       since Veterans Day.

    2. 20 front shoulder roasts/ making

        making into 5 lb hams.

        curing now for 4 days in 15 gal. vat of

         pure maple, brown sugar, and 1lb of cloves.

         and fully injected.

    3. (10) 20 lb turkeys been dry cure rub now

        for (3) days.

    4. 50 lbs breakfast sausage. put 10 lbs in rings

         and smoke the rest 1 lb packages and freeze.

    5. 50 llb pineapple brats, just batch and freeze

        (5) per lb. (250) count.

    6. 50 lbs jalapeno and cheddar brats and freeze

         (5) per lb (250 count

    7. 130 lbs reg brats and freeze

         (5) per lb (650) count

    8. (8) baby back (spare rib) slabs rubbing them dawn

         tonight and let stand,

    Every thing is going into the smoker at 6:am Sat,

          morning, cold smoke at around 98 to 100 deg. for

           6 hours. Then its blast off time, crank on the

           heat and cook it out.

           hoping to pull the last turkeys at midnight

    Right at 500 lbs of meat.

    Makes great thanksgiving and Christmas gifts.

    So i guess you could say my shopping will be over this weekend.


    Hopefully this coming week i can make it out into the timber and take a couple deer with my bow tags

    and the following weekend do summer sausages and sticks.

    Got to love this time of year.  

    I'll try to post  some pictures. 
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  2. A full smoker is a happy smoker.I look forward to seeing lots of pics.

    Happy smoken.

  3. you bet ya Dave.

    wow 8443 posts and no repeat.  that's 11.5 post per day 365 days a year.

    holy smokes

     I'll flip in some pictures.

    just wish I could post the smells! 
  4. I have looked at so much smoked meat that I can almost taste it from a picture.

    I do wish that I had the threads that I started back. But that is a good reminder of why you should take notes. The only problem is on some I didn't take notes[​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  5. Well I promised you some pictures,

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  6. WOW!!!! That's a lot of meat!!

    Any exterior pictures of your smoker set-up handy? 
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  7. b-one

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    Very impressive!!! You deserve a break after all that!
  8. c farmer

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    Looks like your set for winter.
  9. buffpeon

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    That's insane!  Looks like you forgot 1 turkey in the freezer though!  It's still in the original packaging lol
  10. That turkey came in late my daughter brought it over a couple days late,

    We didn't have time to brine it out so it will just have to be a normal turkey. 

    We had plenty though and she left with a smoked one.  I think it was a fair trade.
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  12. The final count on weight was 710 lbs of meat that Saturday.

    435 went into the smoker.

    We stuffed 1100 brats,  average 1/4 lb each.  

     As of today given away about 300 lbs    

    Having a brat feed at the office the 10th  so far 45 have singed up.  

    the office will pick up all but the meat. which I will supply (free)  

     Opening deer season this weekend in Iowa, (gun) hoping to put some meat on the table.

     Watch out Rudolf.

  13. nrdk

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    That's quite the haul.

    So dinner in Ames this weekend? Think I could put up with a cyclone for some of that good lookin meat [​IMG]
  14. aquaduck

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    Holy cow! Hope you have a backup generator for the freezer. Nice work.
  15. [​IMG]    [​IMG]     Words fail me....
  16. Wow  Nice job    let me give you my address

  17. yep you knock on my door and your welcome, just processed (3)  deer this weekend.

    (2) of which are mine. steaks roasts ground and stew chunks.

    also put 30 lbs ground towards this weeks batching,

    Batcher Wednesday night, suffer her Friday night, smoke her out Saturday....  

    What else can I throw in th smoker? 
  18. nrdk

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    Holiday season, can never go wrong with some driedstick's smoked pretzels  or some spicy and sweet smoked nuts by Scarbelly. I'm going to be trying to find time to do a batch of each of these to include for holiday gift baskets, along with smoked cheese and beef sticks.
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  19. We just gave away another 50 lbs of meat away this weekend. need to start thinking about another big batch.  

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