It's Party time: Polish Kielbasa with Pics

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by couger78, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. couger78

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    My mother-in-law is celebrating her 80th birthday and so a party in her honor is being thrown this weekend. One of the requests I received was to bring enough kielbasa for 20...[​IMG]—the unfortunate part was I didnt get this request until a few days ago.

    So between work & other commitments, I gotta crank out some kee-bazzy. So due to time constraints I wound up taking fewer photos than usual of the process.

    Got 10+ pounds of pork shoulder & prepped about half of it in the manner I did in a previous thread where I cut up small lean pieces & cured them overnight before grinding & mixing the balance. I used pretty much the same recipe I used last time, but added a bit more salt and garlic.

    My previous kielbasa thread:

    I used larger casings this time (32mm last time) and went with the 38-42mm size.

    Meats with spices & rest of the cure mixed & stuffed. You can see the cubes of the 'cured' pork within the sausages:


    Decided to do a couple of hours of heavy smoke. I used apple wood this time instead of hickory.

    I hung the kielbasa @115-120° for an hour to dry before applying the smoke.

    Smoke just starting & the sun is starting to set....


    I bumped up the temp to 130-140° over the next two hours with good smoke.

    They look ready to pull...



    plunked the load into my roaster full of 175° water. held the temp at around 165-170°


    Time for a break while waiting for the kielbasa's IT to hit the magic mark....


    After ONLY about 25-30 minutes, IT hit 157° so I pulled the kielbasa, plunged them into an ice bath & hung 'em up to bloom for 90 minutes or so:


    FINALLY: Ten pounds of smoked kielbasa ready for the weekend!

    Of course we had to sample some beforehand...


  2. meateater

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    Looks great, The MIL should be happy. [​IMG]
  3. alaskanbear

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    Looks wonderful--nice Bear-view and instructions... Really enjoy the hard work of others..

  4. kielbasa kid

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    Perfect.  I'd hold one out to wear around my neck.[​IMG]Better than perfect.
  5. rdknb

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    Wow that looks great
  6. daveomak

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    Kevin, evenin'...........Kielbasa is soo good...........Homemade would be more thing on my to-do list.................Dave

    Got a visit this week from my wife's polish uncle (uncle-in-law?) from New Jersey.

    Had him (the family's kielbasa 'expert') try my kielbasa (gulp!)....

    He said it wasn't bad for a "spoza Polski" (non-polish) person....He likes his 'basa with even MORE garlic, and no marjoram.

    I'm okay with that critique. Always room for improvement. [​IMG]

    Provide a recipe that you think "polish uncle" would be proud of.......based on his interpretation of your inadequacies.....HAHAHAHAHA..........

    you could make my polish kielbasa anytime........Dave
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  7. bluebombersfan

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    MMMMMMMMMMMMMM...........Great job!!
  8. sierra

    sierra Fire Starter

    Looks damn good!!! The only thing that's missing is a cold brew and a tad bit of mustard!  [​IMG]
  9. sierra

    sierra Fire Starter

    Please ignore... Double post...

    Still looks good though!
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  10. jak757

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  11. werdwolf

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    Oh, that looks good.
  12. hardslicer

    hardslicer Smoking Fanatic

    good lord 10 pounds for the aren't planning on sharing are you?  nice pics....sausssssaagggeeess  look delicious  [​IMG]
  13. kielbasa kid

    kielbasa kid Smoke Blower

    Horseradish!  Not "mustard".
  14. couger78

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    ...oh and I'll take either horseradish or mustard. I'm easy.
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  15. sierra

    sierra Fire Starter

    I've never tried Kielbasa with horseradish and I apologize for my ignorance [​IMG].

    I will definitely try it next time I'm cooking some up though. Though I do prefer a spicier "real" mustard as opposed to the hot dog stand yellow mustard...
  16. that looks wonderful.  cut me a piece to sample!!!!
  17. chef jimmyj

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    The only thing wrong with that Kielbasy is you live in Cali' instead of PA!...JJ
  18. raymo76

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    Too bad we're on opposite ends of the state i'd love to get a roll of that from you!
  19. smokinal

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    Great looking Kielbasa!

  20. couger78

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    "Kielbasa Still Life"...perfect for the discriminating art gallery. [​IMG]


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