It's not the cut but the quality of the cut and method.

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by ammaturesmoker, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. ammaturesmoker

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    Saturday night I found some chuck steaks with perfect marbling like a rib eye. I got them for 2.99 a pound. I did not trim....rubbed them with a rub and threw them on the grill at a slow 300 over some spread out coals and little while later, they were done and very tender. My family thought they were rib eyes. They could not believe the tenderness. However these were just good looking chucks to begin with. A lot of times the cut looks like round steak. But these were not. I wish I had pics the they were all devoured in 20 minutes and I was very tired.
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    I have also had that experience.

    The chuck is a large cut.  A lot depends upon the area of the chuck they were cut from.

    Now you know what to look for, but they can still vary depending on the quality of the carcass.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    AMS, Great to know there are some good chuck steaks out there.  I've tried chuck steaks from my local grocer and was not impressed.  They drew up kind of bowl-like and were tough and chewy. 

    Then they had chuck eye steaks.  Wow, that was an entirely different experience.  Marbled, tender as fillet mignon, and oh so flavorful.  It is my favorite steak nowadays for the flavor and value.  A good chuck eye steak just can't be beat!  I just looked in my file and I don't have any pics either.  [​IMG]

    Went online and found this pic of chuck eyes.  When I buy chuck eyes, this is exactly what they look like.

  4. ammaturesmoker

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    those look great man.....we must keep these a secret. I watched what tri-tip popularity has done to the price of a once cheap meat.
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    Those look really good, I will have to keep an 'EYE' out for them.


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