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  1. Thanks to all the great posts with advice that I've learned from on this forum Im cooking my first brisket ever tonight. Keeping it simple-olive oil salt pepper garlic and onion powder.
    Been on since 8pm and its almost 12:30am now. Everything seems to be doing what its supposed do. :)
    I'm mixing hickory and mesquite wood logs..first one, then the other keeping the fire around 250ish.
    Now maybe I'm just too tired tonight but it seems like the hickory puts off a lot more smoke than mesquite. I'm letting them get good and hot before putting them on the flame. Just wondering if there is a difference in the amount of smoke between woods or is time for me to go to bed because I'm imagining things???
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    Just a suggestion, be careful........ Both mesquite and Hickory are the extreme smokes. If its your first smoke and you are not yet too familiar with them I would apply with a light hand.

    Woods have different densities, therefore yes to your question. Even the same wood from different areas are different. The same wood from the same area different years .... but they are more similar than dissimilar. Pecan is still pecan.

    You'll note that different woods even impart different colors.

    Good luck man..... Looking for Q-view later today!
  3. Thanks for the tip. Im used to small chunks that don't put out too much smoke so I've never noticed much difference. I usually stick to ribs or small pork butts so I don't use a lot wood because the lump coals give it enough flavor to me. But on larger beef cuts, I like a stronger smoke. This is the first opportunity I've had to use logs instead of chuncks. Overall a good experience, but we'll see what my guests say this afternoon.
    I'll post some pics if I can get my phone to stop being so touchy.

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