It's Just Another Smokey Sunday (More Pork Butt)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by empacee, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Well, I still had the other 2 pork butts from what my friend brought me last week, I sliced mine in half and froze it, hers I am smoking today. Again with a simple rub "glued on" with yellow mustard. This time though I stuck the knife into the butt in several spots and shoved some garlic cloves down inside. I put it in the smoker at 6:30, having trouble keeping temps up today because of the wind but she is hovering right at 225...

  2. Nice, looking good

  3. Thanks Gary. Having extreme temp issues with smoker today because of the wind. It has been in there for 6 hours and only checks at 140. The temp on the smoker dropped to below 200 and wont come up. Ended up moving the smoker into the big garage and emptying the smoke chips out, temp is now at 255 steady, there may be hope yet. And yes, those couple drops in the pan is all it has done in 6 hours. Would dropping it in the pan and covering with foil help it go faster? It does look good though...

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    I did one a few weeks ago with temp issues and foiling helped me eat it for dinner instead of a late snack. Looking good !
  5. Well I had to speed it up so I ended up putting it in the disposable pan i was using as a drip pan, poured a can of 7up in with it and foiled it. Checked it an hour later and it had rose to 190 and then another hour it was at 205. The tenting works but IMO it kills the bark, but its still good. It rested for 30 minutes covered then I pulled it, it sucked all the juice back up and I sent it home with her.

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    Looks great!!

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