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  1. Well after reading about a lot of smokers I decided to get a WSM.  And with my birthday coming up the timing was right so I emailed my wife a link to the WSM 22.5.

    It took longer than expected and didn't make it here for my birthday but tonight it arrived.

    It arrived in good shape, no dings, dents or bends and went together quickly.

    So of course I had to fire it up.  I filled a charcoal chimney full of Stubbs Charcoal Briquets, placed it on the charcoal grate and poured more charcoal around the chimney.  I would imagine around 10 lbs of charcoal total since the 15 lb bag was about a 3rd gone already.   I also placed about 5 chunks of hickory around the charcoal.

    After about 10 minutes the coals were ready so I dumped them in the center of the unlit charcoal.  Put on the cooking chamber & lid and let her run with all vents wide open.

    After about 45 minutes the lid thermometer showed 325 with plenty of white smoke.

    So I closed two of the bottom vents to see if I could dial it down and in 30 minutes the temp has dropped to just under 300 on the lid thermometer and seems like I have TBS.  Hard to tell at night and I am pretty new to all of this.

    May try a spatchcocked chicken a little later.

    So far so good.

    Any tips or suggestions?

  2. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Only suggestion is why waste fuel? Throw some meat in there!
  3. 1 spatchcock chicken on the top grate.

  4. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    There ya go! Crank the temp and enjoy that bird!
  5. appwsmsmkr1

    appwsmsmkr1 Meat Mopper

    Congratulations!! Have fun with it, and happy smoking!
  6. After 2 hour the IT is up to 140 and it sure looks good?  Planning to pull it at 165.

  7. smokinal

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    Looks real good!

    Nice job so far!

    How did it turn out?

  8. Enjoy your new smoker! You are going to love the way it cooks!
  9. jirodriguez

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    Nice! You'll like the new toy!

    Just remember for lower temps damp it down at 200° and then crack one bottom vent open and creep it up to your target temp. The WSM runs hot for the first dozen smokes or so, and once the temps get away from you it is very hard to bring them back down.
  10. [Sorry, I thought I had posted this but I guess I never hit submit]

    Well I pulled it at an IT of 165.  But by that time it was 11:30 PM and I was tired and by the time I got everything put away I had forgotten to take that final pic... so no final QView.

    The good news, my wife liked it which is great because I was concerned she would think it was under cooked, she tends to like well done (but I think that makes it dry).

    The skin was somewhat crispy but also a little rubbery too.  I am not sure if that is because of the temp I cooked at (between 275 & 300) or because I spritzed it with apple juice a couple of times.  Not a big deal since we removed it anyway but I do read a lot of posts about crispy skin so I would like to learn how to do it.

    I thought the chicken was cooked well, moist, etc., but also kind of bland.  I decided to put on a chicken at the last minute so I didn't put much thought or prep into the chicken.  Next time I will be better prepared.  Any suggestions on how I should prepare the chicken next time.  I see some swear by brining it first.

    I still have a lot to learn but all in all it was a fun first cook and I am looking forward to many more and improving my skills both in maintaining the proper temp and turning out some good bbq.

  11. Not sure I under stand this part.  Do you mean start with all three bottom bents closed, start the charcoal, put on the cooking chamber and then open the vents slowly to let the temp climb up to my target temp?

    For this first cook I let everything wide open at first for a couple of hours before I damped it down and put the chicken on.  But I definitely want to learn to maintain around 225 to try my hand at brisket soon.


  12. smokinal

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    Brining poultry really is a good idea. I brine & inject also, when time allows. If you decide at the last minute that your having chicken or turkey for dinner, then injecting  & putting butter & seasoning under the skin is a good choice. I did a bone in turkey breast a couple of weeks ago. Here's the thread.

    Hope this helps.

  13. lemans

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     Congrats on your 22.. I love mine   keep the top vent all the way open , close the two bottom vent and crack the third on like 1/4 inch.. you should be at about 250 .. Depends on the wind and the temp.. buts thats a good starting point.  One my thing.. The thermometer on the lid... Put a piece of tape over it!!! Its about as accurate as flipping a coin..LOL

     You need a Maverick or A Igrill..

       Have fun with your WSM 
  14. Congrats on your WSM, I have a 18.5 and LOVE it. PS the bird looks tasty.  Kick back and enjoy it

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