It's HERE!!! My MES arrived yesterday.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by inno, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. inno

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    Over the Easter long weekend I brought out my Brinkmann charcoal smoker that I bought probaby 4 years ago from a friend slightly used and promptly put it away and never used. After spending a lot of time on this forum just reading, I made some jerky which turned out pretty darn good using a basic pepper jerky recipe I found here with a couple small mods. Lets just say the first batch didn't last too long. The biggest problem I had was keeping my temperature correct so I ended up babysitting it all day. After this experience and considering that I'm usually busy on weekends, too busy to properly tend the charcoal smoker, I started researching other options. After looking on this forum, many places that sell smokers and reading tons of reviews I decided on the 30" digital electric smoker from Masterbuilt, the one without the window. Had to wait quite awhile to order because many places were out of stock. Finally Amazon had them in stock ($177 and free shipping) so I pulled the trigger. 

    Went and picked it up last night and to be honest, I don't think I've been this excited about waiting for a pkg. to arrive in a very long time.

    So today I need to make a decision on what will be the first thing I smoke this weekend. I'm leaning toward either ribs or a pork butt to shred. I'm also thinking that while I'm smoking the "main course" I might just get some sausages to hang in there as well. One of our local grocery stores makes some great sausages in house.

    Hopefully I'll be doing lots of smokes and sharing (with pics of course) what I've been up to.
  2. seenred

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    Congrats on the new MES!  Lookin' forward to seein' your Qview...

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    Congrats on your new toy, I have the 40in S.S. 800 watt, the old style but still smoking and no trouble. you'll love it.
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  6. sound1

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    Gotta love new toys. While you're at it pick up an AMNPS...a match made in heaven. 
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  7. jaxon

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    I have had my MES since Feb and have smoked butts and chickens therein.

    When I cook an 8 to 10 pounder, I like to cut into two pieces...cuts down on the cookin' time.

    Also, I like to put an aluminum pan directly beneath the butt.  I add water or apple juice or whatever to help retain some moisture - but more importantly, to catch the drippings.  A lot of folks place the butt directly into the pan, cook it aout halfway then turn it over to finish.

    You'll enjoy this smoker, I'm sure.
  8. inno

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    Yup, it's on my radar.
  9. inno

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    Got it unpacked, put together and it's got about another hour left to season. Man did it stink when burning it off. I just put in some hickory chips but opted to go another hour rather than the 45 minutes from the instructions just to make sure everything is good and burned off. I can definitely see a need for a AMNPS now because this thing is so well insulated! I'll probably have to run it with the top vent wide open I'm thinking to keep the element on enough to make good smoke.

    I picked up some sausages today at a local shop that makes them in house. I got some pork and beef with wild rice, some pork with apple pie filling and some bratwurst. It smells divine in the fridge right now. I will find a nice sized pork butt tomorrow, they only had about a 2.5lb one on display today, might have to talk to the butcher.

    Going trout fishing after work tomorrow, if the ice is still good enough to get out on, late spring this year big time! Those would also be great as a Sunday project. Can't wait!

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