It's almost party time!

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  1. This weekend will mark our third annual backyard BBQ and party.  Started out small and has grown a bit each year.  This year the menu has grown a bit in addition to the head count.  Currently in the house is 28 pounds of pork butt, rubbed down and resting in the fridge for smoking tomorrow (see pic). In addition to that, we have 100 jalapenos, more chive and onion cream cheese for ABT filling than should be legal, 15 pounds of bacon for said ABT's and fatties, and 3 pounds of italian sausage for pizza fatties along with all the goodies for those.  This year, we added homemade refrigerator pickles to the mix so there are 9 jars of pickles ready to go.  Also added smoked mac and cheese, so all the pieces and parts for that are around as well. Thats just the smoker lol.  I will try to remember to take some more qview as things progress since I know everyone loves that (plus pics or it never happened right???)
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    You definitely got it headed in the right direction!
  3. Pleasant surprise this morning.  The new smoker that has given me nothing but fits so far has decided it will work with me today.  Keeping great temps and with the heat baffle now installed temps are consistent across.  My old tried and true bullet on the other hand got a little cranky.  Choked out with ash pretty quick so i drilled some more holes in the fuel pan and threw some 1" tubing pieces under the grate and shes back to her old self.  Here is qview of two of the butts coming off the offset to be foiled for the long haul.  Gorgeous looking stuff that smells awesome and both IT'd at 167 at the same time.  Almost afraid somethings gonna go wrong here lol

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    Boy those look sweet......

    Great job!
  5. Well, 4 butts all within a half a pound of each other. two done same time 8 hours 55 minutes.  I moved the two in the bullet over to the offset after those two came out to finish.  Bullet was ashing up again and didnt want to mess with all that for no more than needed.  Anyway, third came off at 10 hours 55 minutes and last at 11 hours 25 minutes.  Resting comfortably in the cooler for a few.  Anxious to see what they look like but I know after this long a little longer wont hurt...much.  Now that I have the baffle tuned fairly well, I am liking the offset alot more.  Last time on it i did two beer can chix and ended up tossing them both.  Just could not get IT's where I was comfy even though temps stayed near 300 and the skin even crisped up.  This time was much better.  No hot spots and no spikes. Will post a pic or two at pulling time.
  6. Pulled and in the fridge!  All four looked beautiful!  Couldn't pick any of them up except in pieces and the fat cap stayed right in the foil.

    One after resting...

    And pulled.  Even put the bone up there since she was so clean!  

    Guess I will catch some sleep and start again tomorrow!
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    LOL.... If I hadn't just had a pulled pork sammie I am sure I would be drooling.....OMG I started drooling!!

    Really nice looking! That's a serving pan full of smiles!
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    Looks great man. I could eat a couple sammies right now.

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