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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by puffofsmoke, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Seems that when smoking meat is on the line, everything in the world gets in the way of the progress for me. I am now seriously in the design phase and have collected up some stuff to get this RF build on the road. I have a 100 gallon tank (26"dia x 47" long) and I want to build a smaller version of Tates smoker - do a search on this site and it will come up with lots of photos of the 500 gallon design. Obviously, mine is 1/5th the size and I won't be catering gigs like that but I like the overall layout and had pretty much the same ideas as they did. Honestly, theirs is better:)

    I have used the calculators and such to come up with the basics so I think I have that handled. What I don't have is the idea of how to vent or connect the SB to the cabinet above it like the Tate unit. I really want that vertical cabinet so I can do vertical hanging stuff like sausages, as well as the RF side. Opinions on how the SB and cabinet should connect? Do you route the CC through the cabinet or do you do some sort of rotary vent in the bottom of the cabinet into the smoke box to get the smoke/heat directly from below?

    Gonna drag the tank and trailer to work in a couple weeks and start that part of the build. Need to get smoke box and cabinet designed so I can get some .250 steel sheared for the box.


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