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Discussion in 'Beef' started by junkcollector, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. So I finally broke down and got some Tdust to try. 4 are Tdust, 4 are lawerys season salt, white pepper and paprika. In the smoker now with mesquite!
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    Ok .... waiting on the finished product sir.. [​IMG]
  3. What is TDust?
  4. Tdust = tatonka dust

    i  was on kids stupid tablet when i posted so i cut it down a bit. MossyMO on here sells it. owensbbq is his website. when i did a lick n stick with my finger, i really liked it. i rubbed the 4 with dust tuesday and wrapped them in plastic wrap overnite with the plans on smoking them wednesday. Well, wife had other plans, so now friday, i finally got to throw them in the smoker.

    Easy with the name calling, I don't wear no suite n tie. I prefer fats, stupid, louie, BiLLy bOb and

    dum bass (cause a smart fish don't get caught), the 2 that are not allowed are **sir** and **late for dinner**.......HAHAHAHA[​IMG]

    Promise, as soon as I get more pics, I'll post em up fer ya.
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  5. 3 hours in mes30 with mesquite. nothing more.

    taters/onions are almost done. used lawerys seasoning salt, pepper, large onion and montreal steak seasoning.

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    3 hours at what temp, how do you like the dust on them, I have a rack of them in the fridge now. they look great
  7. got a mes30 here, preheated it to 225 n popped em in. after 3 hours, ii ate mine. that was my breakfast, i wasn't waiting any longer. they were a bit tough, but very good for me. my wife might complain about them being tough (she's spoiled on pulled pork), so i wrapped em in foil and threw em back in about 20 minutes ago. 

    taste wise, WOW, i really like how they taste. Good enough that I'm going to buy several pounds of it so I got a stash once i move.
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    those look great JC I sure like the Tdust also

    A full smoker is a happy smoker
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    Looking good JC, glad to hear your liking the Tatonka Dust flavor!
  10. thanks for the compliments. we finished up the cold leftovers this morning for breakfast. 
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    They do look good, So do the taters.  JC can you tell us what the Tatonka dust tastes like to you.  I received a bottle and on my finger it tastes salty first then onion garlic a little heat but to me not too much flavor.  I made hamburgers with it and could not taste any pronounced flavor when eating them. You have to put it on thicker then I did I guess or maybe most of it ran off with the grease. I don't know.  I did try it on frys and that was good.  Just wondering what you think.

  12. HMS, to be honest, i SUCK at id'ing flavors. I couldn't tell ya individual flavors other than the whole profile is GREAT to me. From readin on their facebook page, it's mentioned that when you *think there's enough*, put more. Mine sat in fridge with a liberal rub in plastic wrap for 2 days, when i put them in smoker, i sprinkled top again. 

    Burgers usually have so much going on wih condiments n topings, i can see how Tdust would get lost unless you use it liberally.

    As already established, I REALLY like it. Wife didn't have any last nite, she went to town while i finished smoking. I went ahead and ate while they were warm. When she got home with the girls, i lernt she took them to mc donalds of all places. Oh well, made for good leftovers for breakfast. She had them this  morning with some rice and complimented me more than twice on how they turned out. This coming from a woman who was cussing me for spending $$$ to try a new spice mixture. Yup, she's ok with getting 5lbs on our  next order.

  13. Hey Junk collector , as you found out ,3 hours not enuff ... Better figure at least 6 hours to get these tender ... But when you do ... Oh my my !!!
  14. your exactly right L2P, for nice tender ribs it will take 6 hours or more.

    The ones I ate at the 3 hour mark is the way I prefer ribs but i knew for the wife n kids it would be called tough and they wouldn't enjoy them. Thats why threw em back in. My better half was all compliments ((a first for her[​IMG])) this morning as she finished em up. Nextt time we do them, i'll throw mine in when i'm pulling theirs out to wrap in foil. simple as that.....

    on a side note, didnt have any apple juice or anything to put in foil when i wrapped them so i grabbed the bottle of Crown Royal Maple......
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    Thanks JC,  I am going to try the dust on some ribs and I will put it on heavy and see.

  16. your welcome. mine was only going to sit overnite in fridge rubbed, but ended up being 2 days. as small as my ribs were, don't know that ya need to though. i did just cause it was a  new rub and wanted the flavor through all of it. 
  17. she wanted more....

    so we're grocery shopping today and i grabbed to racks of beef rib at $1.68lb. when she catches up to me in the vegie aisle, she tells me, your making those tomorrow. so it begins again.......
    marty, I do believe I'll need to reorder much sooner than I had ever thought....

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    I know what you mean I ordered 2 pound and already have almost one gone., put it in and on meatloaf today. came out very good.

    How heavy do you coat them? I have some in the fridge for next weekend.
  19. when i coated i put on enough that I couldn't see the red of the beef, then i pressed it and give it another lite shake. depending on what it looks like when i unwrap them, i might sprinkle on some more.
  20. Sorry I didnt get these up earlier,% €&^$#@+×÷'$ tablet has give mefits since yesterday.seems to be working good now!

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