Issues with my Auber PID

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by usaftrevor87, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. usaftrevor87

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    So I just wanted to check here and see if anyone might have any tips. I will copy & paste my email below to Auber, but I'm basically wondering:
    1. If anyone is using the 1800 Brinkmann Replacement Element in freezing conditions (20-32F)? And how hot they can go.

    2. If anyone has any suggestions on how thick an extension cord should be to run a 1800 watt element?
    Thanks in advance

    Email to Auber


    I recently purchased the Auber WSD-1500 GPH from you guys. I am having some issues with it heating up my element. Sorry for the long story, but want to make sure you get the facts.

    So I built a fridge smoker, using a Brinkmann 1800 Watt replacement element. When I first got the Auber I did a seasoning run. It was about 20F outside and the Auber got the temp up to 325; which is perfect for me!

    I did a 6lb Pork butt last week, temperature outside is about 40F, and the Auber got the element up to about 225, but it took an awfully long time. Then I was running behind so i wanted to go up to 300, to speed things up. But it wouldnt't go past 250. Thinking this was a fluke or conditions or something I just let it be and finished int he oven.

    Now I am doing 2 racks of ribs. It is 38F outside and the Auber will not push the element past 200 degrees; even though I have the auber set to 275. So thinking logically, I unplugged the element from the Auber and plugged it directy into the outlet, and then the temp started to rise to the 225, but now I don't have a PID, so when the temp gets too hot I have to open the door to cool it a bit and then close it again and let it build up temp.

     So I am wondering if there is something wrong with the Auber? I am going to do a factory reset and do a dry run once the ribs are done , but do you guys have any tips or suggestions on what might be wrong and why the element will heat high enough on it's own, but not when it is attached to the Auber?

    The only other thing I can think of is maybe my extension cord is not thick enough to transfer all that energy? If this is the case, what size/length or specifications of an extension cord should I use?
    Thanks for your time.

  2. dirtsailor2003

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    I'll be watching to see their answers. I have been looking at the same unit to run the same element.
  3. usaftrevor87

    usaftrevor87 Smoke Blower

    Do you already have the element purchased? Is this for a custom build?

    So this is what I got so far.

    Auber w/ old extension cord (100' 14 gauge), went from 200-206 in 40 minutes.
    Switched extension cord (50' 14 Gauge), plugged directly into element; went from 201-225 in 30 minutes
    Now that it was back to 225, did a factory reset on the Auber and plugged it back in; set to 250. Dropped from 225 down to 216; with it set to 250. So I am thinking something is wrong with the Auber.
    I am no plugged back into the element, with the new extension cord, and I am just going to have to keep an eye on temps. When it gets about 240, I will unplug it and let it sit till it hits 215/220 ish then plug it back in. Kind of a hassle, but it is what it is. Will still make great Q. 

    I think the extension cord helped alot when plugged directly into element, but probably do need a 25' 12 Gauge to make sure it is carrying enough power to the element.
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    Yes I have the element. I plan on making a dedicated, sausage and jerky smoker. It will be wood and insulated.
  5. usaftrevor87

    usaftrevor87 Smoke Blower

    That will be awesome! I will keep you posted on what Auber says. 
  6. genek

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    Trevor, I'll give some of my thoughts on this.

    I have used several Aubers  PID controllers but not the particular one you have.

    On the extension cord, the 14 gauge at 100 feet is pushing it but seems to be in spec

    for 14 gauge. I prefer to use the shortest and heaviest  that I have for the job.

    The manual for your controller talks about over heating the control box at higher


    Since your box performed better at lower temperatures it seems to me that

    the ambient temperature was cooling the controller box and keeping the performance.

    The manual for your controller explains how to limit the power to prevent overheating the controller.

    They use 1800 watts as an example of over current and to limit it to 1500 watts to get

    the current down to 12 amps which it can handle, this will cause about 25% increase in time to


  7. tjones96761

    tjones96761 Newbie

    Can't speak on the controller.
    On the extension cord assuming perfect incoming 120v power, 50' #12 is as small as you can go and stay under 3% voltage loss.
    Additionally, I assume the controller is consuming a small bit of the power. Industrial controllers do. Meaning if fed 110v to controller it won't feed 110v to the element. More like 100v ish. So even at the very best, the controller won't operate the element the same as plugging the element directly into the wall.
  8. usaftrevor87

    usaftrevor87 Smoke Blower

    I appreciate all the great advice. I am going to pick up a 12 gauge, 25' cord tomorrow for the next smoke... Damn those things are expensive haha
    But onto the Auber, the thing I don't understand is when I did my seasoing run, in 20F ambient, it got up to 325, then i do 2 racks of ribs with 35F ambient and it won't go over 220?? Something doesn't add up. I've contacted Auber, and they replied asking for specifics. So i will let you know what they say.
    One thing I think it might be is the Relay to the element. The "out" LED just kept flashing. Wouldn't be lit up longer than 2-3 seconds; indicating it turned the element on for 3 seconds then off for a second, on for 3 seconds and off. This indicates to me that 1. The Auber was over heating (which I doubt). 2. The relay is malfunctioning. 3. The Auber thought it was at the correct setting; which is why itnwas cycling to maintain that temp. This malfunction would explain my issues but the Unit was reading the correct temp. We shall see what Auber says.

    Still made great BBQ, just took a little longer haha
  9. cmayna

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    Just curious, are you using the power cord that Auber supplied?  Is it hard wired into their controller?
  10. usaftrevor87

    usaftrevor87 Smoke Blower

    The power from the outlet of the house goes to a hard wired cord of the Auber.
  11. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Any info from Auberins customer service yet?
  12. usaftrevor87

    usaftrevor87 Smoke Blower

    Sorry it took so long, I ended up having to exchange a few emails back and forth with them for a few weeks. They were really nice, but it was a try this, then try these settings, etc…
    Basically in the end I did another factory reset and then put in the following parameters they told me:
    P= 30

    I= 800

    D= 150

    I haven't done a run with food yet, but I did a 3 hour dry run and it got up to temp well & held it. It also didn't continue to cycle with the "out" LED continually going on and off. It only was lit when it needed it, then when it got to temp it shut off.
    So all is well so far!!

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