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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by eaglewing, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. eaglewing

    eaglewing Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    In my sidebox horizontal....

    When I do 3 racks of ribs, they cover the whole grate...

    even tho it is MODDED with tuning plates, the ribs cover too much of the surface of the smoker and trap the heat down below them and burn the bottoms. The therms in the hood tell me my temps are good but I know they are higher below the ribs.

    Maybe I just can't do 3 racks at a time??? If I install a LOWER THERM and keep the fire lower in temp, then the upper meat won't be cooking at proper temp, right?...

    I don't know, I like using this smoker but I hate trying to keep things from burning...
  2. oneshot

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  3. coyote-1

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    Your grill also seems to lack enough clearance to stand the ribs up in typical "rib rack" fashion. But there is a possible solution here....

    Go to your local HomeDepot or Lowes. Pick up an adjustable chrome rack/shelf, and with a bit of modification it'll work. It's like $10 or $12 or so. You'll be able to put two racks of ribs on your grates, put the chrome shelf over them, and toss another rack of ribs on top.

    My modded shelf/rack is somewhat visible in this pic. It is hanging under the firebox, and held in place with bungee cord.
  4. Rib racks are a great idea. If you have a probe thermometer, rest one on the grate to see the difference between the hood temp and that at grate level. That will give you a true reading of what the ribs are going through.
  5. pignit

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    I'm thinkin your therm in the hood is off and you are smokin your ribs much hotter than you think. I would first check your temp at the grate. It looks to me like you have a lot of room in the lid to put rib racks in, standing the ribs up on their side. You shouldn't have anything burning black in the smoker. I've had some things get well smoked and turning black right at the firebox but with the tuning plates, that shouldn't be a problem. Check that rack temp next time and see where your at. That lid therm may be off more than you think.

    On second look at your smoker... your exhaust looks like it is sitting well below the grate. That could be keeping your hottest air flow from the fire box to the exhaust below your grates. You may need to modify your tuning plates or put in some kind of a baffle that forces some of that smoke up out of the firebox and into the upper part of the smoker. With the firebox being so low, and the tuning plates right under the grate... and your exhaust under your cooking grate.... your air flow may be traped primarily in the lower part of that smoker. I've never seen one that had the exhaust mounted below the rack. I'd try keeping the first tuning plate and removing the rest and see if you can't get more air flow above the grate. From the setup you have, looks like your creating almost a hot plate with the tuning plates. I bet you would have different results with that exhaust higher.
  6. billbo

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    Rib racks will work great!
  7. travcoman45

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    1st check yer therms, ya should do this from time ta time, they may not be accurate.

    2nd yer unit looks like its perty shallow, ya might try buildin yer bed a coals further away from the end a the smoke chamber to see if ya can keep from gettin hot spots.

    3rd I'd use the racks an get them ribs up higher away from them tunin plates if ya can, plus maybe try readjustin some a them plates fer a bit more airflow.

    Keep tinkerin with it, you'll get it figured out!
  8. eaglewing

    eaglewing Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    OK... rib racks seems to be kind of an option, however, I would really need to try this out to see if I indeed have clearance, "Clarence"...LOL

    I bought my latest ribs FULL STYLE, not st. louis and not BB...

    3 FULLS literally covered the whole grate surface, so on edge I don't think I have that option...however, the elevated rack coyote-1 pointed out might be worth a try. 1 rib over the other...

    I guess like travcoman45 said, I'll just keep tinkerin wit it!!!... I can't just lay them down, that I do know...

    I have 2 banderas and don't have this prob with them for obvious reasons...the chamber...but I shouldn't be restricted to using the banderas for ribs... this is like a challenge now...LOL
  9. eaglewing

    eaglewing Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    I thought about putting 2 water pans on top of the tuning plates but they touch the bottom of the cooking grate...

    not a good idea?? think that would matter?
  10. got14u

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    I think you would be fine with them touching. I doubt they will seal it up air tight..but what I would do is bend them down or roll them down around the edges a little. That would probably work better IMHO...good luck
  11. eaglewing

    eaglewing Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Ahhh... yes, def an option [​IMG]

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