Is this worth it ????

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    I found this for said in a ad for a used restaurant equipment supply house that I deal with...[​IMG]with the ad stating

    This is a 12 inch meat/cheese slicer. This is a nice unit and operates off 120 volts. I do not have a sharpener for the blade but sharpened it with a hand held stone so it can be sharpened. The slicer operates smooth and has no problems. - $250.00. What's your thoughts ????  I have, if I remember correctly a Open Country 7" or 71/4" , that I have been using for about 2 years, but it seems to get hot after a few minutes of using it, which makes me concerned on just how long it will last me. I was thinking about going to look at it, but you know what that usually means with me at least.... it's in the bag, if I leave the house for it......He is pretty frim on the price, so price may not be a negating option....
  2. don't know the brand but it looks worth the money
  3. 250 sounds like a good deal for a 12".
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    Yea, try to get a model number and brand then do a search.  Only way to tell.  All I see is metal and that may be more valuable them plastic but who knows?
  5. It's got that big blade that only spins on the outside.
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    Is it suppose to have a blade sharpener? If so you might be able to get one thru them or the manufacturer. Looks like a nice one though.
  7. I agree with smokeamotive.  You will want to get the sharpener.  It's really dangerous to sharpen any other way... cue my friend who sliced part of his thumb off WITH a protective glove.
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    I bought an off brand slicer last year. Mine was getting hot too. Check underneath the slicer for a plastic cover plate. If it is there it will cover the whole bottom not just the gears. I removed mine and it took care of the getting hot problem.

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