Is this worth 600 bucks??

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by delarosa74868, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. I found this today. Im thinking of buying it. The asking price is 600 dollars. It looks to be in great shape.

  2. mavrick813

    mavrick813 Smoke Blower

    Quick Google of the model number netted many a result of this thing being prone to Overheating. Theirs even a thread on it in SMF propane smokers section. BTW: It's a Members Mark Smoker Sold at Sam's club for $499.81 Brand New. But an item is worth whatever a person is willing to pay for it.

  3. fire it up

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    I think $600 is a bit much for it, maybe $300, $400 if new but $600 with such a small cook area and a single tank the price seems a bit high.
  4. deltadude

    deltadude Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Those units were sold under different store brand labels, i.e. "Bakers and Chefs" for Sams club.

    I found a couple of post about problems with the ability to get low temp, they were complaining that 280º was as low as the unit would go.

    Frankly, what are your really buying for $600? I think you can achieve the same for alot less money and still get a new product.
  5. mballi3011

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    I'm with the rest of the guys here 600.00 seams alot for such a small smoker and then if it tends to overheat the meat then I think you will be better off leaving this one behind.
  6. chefrob

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    as usual great advice from the peanut gallery!!!!
  7. I told him that I'd give him three hundred for it. He said ok. Y'all think it's worth that?
  8. If Deltadude's right and your gonna have trouble getting that thing lower than 280 id say bag the whole deal and get something you know is gonna get the job done...

    Why would this guy drop from 600 to 300 so easily???? sounds fishy![​IMG]
  9. That's just what he paid for it when he got it. I looked at some others in the 300-500 range and they all look cheap and not insulated. Also stainless don't rust. And I smoke at 275 anyways so the heat isn't a problem.
  10. wingman

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    Aside from the high price as mentioned above... I personally don't like the fact that you can't get the temp down. I like to do some things at 180 degrees. Any smoker that gives you a broader temp range will provide greater flexability. But again some folks would be perfectly fine with temps around 275.
  11. mavrick813

    mavrick813 Smoke Blower

    $250.00 would have been nicer, then use the extra $ to work on that regulator. The heat issue is fixable but you have to do some research. $300.00 is definitely better then $600.00 And it's $200.00 ish less then retail... I say your now at a 50/50 call rather then a flat out NO WAY IN HELL.

    On a side note you could always look for an MES 40" $429.00 Price range, I hear they can be found cheaper...

  12. I just went and got it. After seeing it, I would have gladly forked over 600 for it. That thing is SOLID. Looked brand new! I love it. One hour of burning on low with the wood chip boxes packed, the gauge read 209 degrees. Of course I will test it when I have more time to play. Thanks everyone for the input. I would have been 300 bucks poorer![​IMG]
  13. mossymo

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    You done fine, Congrats !!! Mods can always be made if you choose too. I intend on posting in the near future how I thermostatically controlled and auto spark ignite my stainless fridge converted to propane smoker.
  14. tjohnson

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    You should be able to put a "Needle Valve" in-line to slow the gas flow down some. The orifice is probably too big for the BTU's needed or the regulator is too big for the unit.

    $300 is a steal for what you got, even if you have to tinker a little with it!!

    Ain't Hunting For Deals Fun?!?!?


    p.s. Don't Pack The Chip Boxes so full!!! You'll only cause the unit to produce "Creosote" and ruin your meat. Try to achieve the TBS.
  15. No hunting for this one, it found me! I put an ad on craigslist titled " looking for pipe to build a smoker". Guy emailed me! Lol
  16. graybeard

    graybeard Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    You're happy, we're happy! $300 sounded fair to me. keep us posted!!

  17. I have used it three times already and I have not had a bit of problem smoking at 220. So far I love this thing! Thanks for all of the advice y'all[​IMG]

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