Is this gap bad and what mods horizon smoker

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    I was wondering if this firebox gap is worth fixing and if so what should I do? I am planning on doing another thermometer lower right and a tuning plate should I do any gaskets?

  2. Any air leak you can fix is worth the time. You will have better heat control.

    Happy smoken.

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    Agreed, any leak is worth fixing.  The tighter the system, the easier it is to control, especially when burning charcoal or wood.  A tube or two of high temp RTV silicone ( copper color,) or fireplace sealant will cure a lot of leaks.  Just clean the area well before you apply.  Rubbing alcohol works good after a de-greaser.  Gaskets on the firebox are a good idea in book - again it is about controlling the air flow.  On the grill door is up to you.
  4. I have a Horizon Smoker that has a small gap like yours. The Horizon with the 1/4 inch steel holds heat so well that the small gap does not really cause
    A problem since you need a little air to get through so the fire does not go out. I left mine like it was and it is an awesome smoker.
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