Is there any ingredient that should not be put in fresh sausage?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by redwood carlos, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. I want to really experiment with all the flavors I really enjoy, but remember reading in rytek kutas book about "allowable" ingredients.

    I am not curing sausages, just grinding and grilling, or grinding and freezing.

    1. Is there anything I should absolutely not put into my sausage?

    2. Is there any ingredients that I should avoid due to higher risks of food borne illness, or just flat out do not taste good in sausage?

    Any insight into this will ease my experimental mind. lol did I just say mental mind? [​IMG]
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    dcarch :)
  3. lol because of taste or heath issues? No biggie I had not planned to use Tofu anyway. [​IMG]
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    Health issues.

    It will make you vomit and gag.

    dcarch :)
  5. If I do not hear back from anyone I will be going with Chicken thighs, franks hot sauce, and blue cheese crumbles.
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     That sounds good! (no pickles involved!)

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    I dont remeber anything about allowable ingredients in sausage. Sausage making is an art and everyone has their own tastes so make it your own. Fresh quality meat is all thats needed.......... I would leave my finger out of it.....LOL

    Good luck

  8. That is the plan. [​IMG]

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