Is there a feature to "bookmark" favorite threads?

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  1. I've been trying to find a way to make a list or organize some of the threads I want to be able to refer to later (i.e. Bear's Step-by-Step Index, Mr. T's Smoked Cheese, etc.).

    Is there a feature within the website's profile options that would allow me to do this? Surely I'm not the first person to try to organize their favorites here. Does anyone use an outside source, like Pocket or Evernote?
  2. flash

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    Guess you could make a folder by subject and save each Post as a favorite (renaming it as needed) to each folder. Save Favorite as you normally would per the Browser you use.
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  3. foamheart

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    Like Flash said, I started out using the browser and favorite.

    Now I have set up a word doc. and I have greater flexibility to add notes and even change exact content. I can add parts of a page to it, http addys, comments, basics, and recipes. Thereby not being locked in to just a single format.
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  4. chef jimmyj

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    Evernote works. I just use Google Bookmarks most of the time. The above idea's are good ones...JJ
  5. I print to PDF and save n drop box. Then I have on all devices that can get to drop box. On my iPad I keep a local copy saved in PDF printer in a smoking folder. Then if I don't have internet on iPad I can still pull it up.
  6. An easy way to do it is to subscribe to threads above...then you can click on your username in the upper right and go to "Edit Subscriptions" for easy reference.


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  7. These are all good suggestions. Thanks to all!
    RLK, I already use Dropbox a lot, but it is becoming cluttered with a mix of various personal and work files. I don't want important stuff like this to get lost in that mess. I may have to save a few pdfs like you mentioned just to have easy access to them.
    Martin, I tried your method, and this might be just what I hoped to find: A way to use this site and its features to organize and bookmark favorite forums. Now I just have to try to rediscover all of those valuable pieces of information I have come across in the past year!
  8. Make folders in you drop box. I have one the is shared for work with a guy. Another for farm, another for things I need to get to at any time, ect and last my smoker folder. I put good names on the files so I can search that folder. Another site I follow don't have the good food safety people we have so I can search for temp charts or what ever I need.

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