is their a roll call sticky?

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  1. hello my name is david. i am a UDS smoker is their a roll call sticky for this group? i did my first smoke on my new delux UDS last night. it did great. so like i said. yes i am a UDS smoker.

    here are a couple of pics.

    i have to say that' not bad for the first time i pulled the trigger on my UDS and started with a brisket.

    happy smoken.

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    Looks Great and love the AMNPS mod, too!  Glad you joined the group, as long as you did Roll Call at your start, you're good to go.  Of course, you can post an introduction here too!  Welcome!
  3. Nice looking smoke!  Now that's thinkin' outside the Barrel!
  4. thanks Raybones. i have a side of bacon cold smoking in it now. it cook nice.

    Happy Smoken.


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