Is pork that's been injected with a solution ok to use for soppresata?

Discussion in 'Curing' started by mrmojorisin, Jan 13, 2015.

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    I saw a whole pork shoulder at walmart for $1.18/lb the other day and grabbed it.  Was gonna make cassulet with it, but thought about making Soppresata instead.  It noted on the label that the pork had been injected with a 12% solution.  Damn Hormel.  Will this solution affect the soppresata at all?  I'm going to try the Umai bags.

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    I've done it many's not ideal but in the absence of fresh cut meat, it works. Over the last couple of years Ive probably turned a dozen or so Walmart butts into various salami with good results. The only time I had a problem, so far, was a walmart pork loin i was trying to make a lonza out of...never firmed up. Discussed it with the sausagedebarchery guys and came to the conclusion it was PSE (pale, soft & exuditive) meat...a common problem with box store meat.

    I'd say go for it....and post pics!

    Cant comment on the Uami bags....general consesus ive seen is they aren't great for charcuturie...but do a decent job of dry aging beef etc. Again...just hearsay...I dont have any personal experience with them.

    PS...what soppresata recipe are you planning on using?
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    thanks.  I used Umai's recipe.  it's been in the fridge going on 4 days now.  i've taken pix and will continue to do so until i pull them out.
  4. I've used the Hormel pork shoulders for all types of sausages including my Soppressata and Chorizo. Here are some shots of finished products using the UMAI bags and recipes off of the site. 

    Dingo, everyone I've talked to hear and through a FB meat curing and producing group has had great results with the UMAI bags. From what I've seen, people that haven't used them are the ones giving them a bad rep.

    Chorizo below:

    Soppressata Below:

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    You're entirely correct....i have no experience with them and thus no basis to provide an opinion. When i decided to pursue dry aging (both whole muscle and salami) UMAI was not around, so I didn't hesitate in building a chamber in an attempt to make my product as authentic as possible. With the research I did, through other forums and FB curing groups, had UMAI been around I probably would've still built a curing chamber.

    Your product looks great and if you're happy with it, then that's all that matters.

    Cure On
  6. dingo, I actually ended up with the same thing. I've got the curing chamber and temp/hum controllers as well. What's even funnier is I've got a hank of 60-65mm beef middles sitting in my fridge too! I wanted to give the UMAI a try which is what more prompted me to get them. Plus I had a christmas gift ideas to give to the parents and what not. I do plan on getting something going in the middles as well sometime soon though. I think I'll use the same recipe as before for some comparison. I could stuff some of the mix in each one.....might be fun.

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