Is my USD drum lined or unlined?!?!?

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by tlcpokertables, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. Hi there,

    I just started my UDS build and did my burnout for 2-1/2 hours. Then I took a wire wheel to the inside of the drum to get it down to the bare metal (see pic). Can someone tell me if my drum is lined or not?.....Any input would be great! Thanks!

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     Bump Any USD builders that can lend a hand?
  3. It looks like it had a red liner. Paint is a liner. Was it red?

    Happy smoken.

  4. Thanks for the quick reply! When I got it, it had a rusty red powder on the inside. After the burnout, it seemed to have remained. However, it didn't take much to remove it with a wire wheel drill attachment.

    Off subject - I did happen to notice that the lid doesn't quite fit the drum like it did before the burn. The lid seemed to have bowed and the drum isn't perfectly round. Any ideas on how to adjust or bend them? 
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    Frank, evening..... Hey, just push and shove and tweak until you get it...  If the drum is out of round, high side up and gently sit on it checking for "roundness"...  Same with the lid supported between 2 pieces of wood...  might take a bit of doing but it's worth it.....   A lid that does not fit will leak air and controlling the temps will be impossible....    When all is said and done, closing the pipe air inlets and capping the exhausts, the briquettes should extinguish for use another day.....  After the burn, the temper in the steel should have been "removed" by the heat and tweaking should be not a big deal......

  6. Sounds good Dave! I will do that! Thank you! 
  7. Worked like a charm, Dave...Thank you!

    I have another question for you.....Do you think using oven cleaner would help the process along, instead of sanding the inside?.......Just looking for an easy solution. I inquired to few places about sandblasting, but it looks to be well over $100. Interested in your thoughts.

    Thanks again!
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    In my opinion, if you have burned the inside of the barrel out, and you have dust and stuff in it...A good rinse and scrub, with a soapy brush, then coating the inside of the drum with oil and seasoning at 400 or so until the oil sets up, you are good to go..... The fire should have burned at 600-900 degrees and volatilized all the stuff that's inside the drum... Ain't much else gonna happen... seal it good with oil... several coats will help.... Probably the best oil to use is flax oil.... is hardens to a shiny really, hard surface.... but any oil will do.....
    Be careful to not get the temp over 450 as you could turn the oil coating to carbon dust.....

  9. Thanks again for the quick reply.....I'll do that!....Looks like I'll be smokin' sooner than expected!  [​IMG]
  10. Looking forward to seeing some smoke.

    Happy smoken.


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