Is my stem not long enough?

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by spm, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. spm

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    I know that is what she said, but seriously I have a telltrue thermo with a 3" stem and 1 1/2" of it protrudes inside my offset smoker. Now, I ask this because it will read 40 deg. lower than if I were to use my remote in a potatoe in the same area. And yes I callibrated them both and all is good. Thanks, SPM
  2. pineywoods

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    Different areas of the smoker are more than likely running different temps
  3. rickw

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    That seems about right, my Tel-Trus reads 30 degree lower than the lowest shelf in my offset. I adjust for the temp difference.
  4. spm

    spm Newbie

    I do understand the different areas are different temps, but I put the probe about an inch away form the teltrue. SPM
  5. ddave

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    Seems the same way with the Teltru on my UDS. Air makes a great insulator so your Teltru is probably accurate where the probe is -- especially if you boil tested. I get similar differences on my SnP between dial thermos and digital probes.

    I wouldn't worry about it. Just measure the temp in your smoker with the remote in the potato and see what the Teltru says. Then use that as your guide.

    For instance, if I want to smoke around 250° in the drum I shoot for around 200° on the side guage. If I want around 250° in my SnP, I shoot for around 225° on the dial thermos.

  6. spm

    spm Newbie

    Thanks for all the replies fellas, SPM

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