Is it Possible aftera Brine

Discussion in 'Fish' started by jumbalay35, May 1, 2016.

  1. Hello all, I have some salmon fillets that I have had in the sugar and salt mixture(along with some other spices) brine since about 6pm last night. My plan was to pull them out today and put them in my MES 30. But the weather is no co operating today and is cold and rainy and will be like this all day.

     My question is can  I leave them in the bring in the fridge until tomorrow and put them on the smoker when I get home from work? Or can I pull them out of the brine today dry them out, and put them back in the fridge until tomorrow? would this be o k to do?

    Other option I have is to just put them on the bbq grill, and do it that way.

    Is either option o k to do or did I just ruin my salmon fillets?
  2. They're not ruined, but don't leave em in the brine too long.  Pull them when you planned, they should be fine another night in the fridge if they've been handled right so far.  If you have a grill though you can smoke them on it, use an indirect method of cooking.

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