Is it ok to throw unlit KF Comp mixed w/ RO Lump onto lit coals in SFB?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by dish, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. dish

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    I always use the minion method to start and need refuel about every hour.  Normally I light about half a chimney of KF Comp mixed with RO Lump and dump that over the existing coals.  My question is can I throw unlit KF Comp and RO Lump into the SFB or will this over smoke my food?  Any input can help.

  2. bkleinsmid

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    With a name like yours, you can't be all bad......[​IMG]

    On long cooks I will put in more fuel as needed. KF and RO don't seem to be big smokers so I don't think it will be a problem. In my smoker I throw in about 40 lb at a time and it takes a while for all of it to light........that slow start gives off very little if any smoke when I refuel.

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  3. dish

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    Here is my setup.  I also wrap either some hickory or apple wood in tin foil every hour when I refuel.

    My minion method using a grilling wok until I build a decent one.

    I found this "Ham in water product" in the freezer that I'm going to try with adding unlit coal.  I know everyone says don't use this type of ham but if this test with the charcoal goes south I'm not out much but an ugly ham anyways.  Also making some ABT's with Lil smokies inside with cream cheese.

    Thanks bk for the advice.  I'll let you know how it turns out[​IMG]
  4. dish

    dish Meat Mopper Group Lead

    Well I went to refuel and threw in a mix of KF Comp and RO Lump and experienced an extreme temp drop in 40* weather with a small shifting breeze.  I got out the blow torch and started the unlit coals and after a half hour temps got back up to 225-235*.  Also seemed like I was having a lot of smoke when the coals lit up.  I think I'll try this method when it warms up or just stick with what I was doing.  Just love messing with this thing[​IMG]

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