Is it just me?

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  1. Is it just me but whenever I'm smoking something now, I never enjoy it until maybe the next day. Everyone else likes it but I just don't care for it. Folks think I'm fishing for compliments but I'm not in the least looking for someone to stroke my ego. Most things taste best hot and fresh but I'm just not enjoying like I used to. Don't get me wrong, I still love smoked foods, just not the same day I smoke them. Think it's just smelling the smoke all day? I made some baby backs yesterday smoked with applewood pellets (and some burgers in the bottom of smoker in the grease from the ribs and rub, after foiling ribs and bumping up temps. Burgers were met with rave reviews!) but it just didn't get it for me (did like the burger though!) Tried a rib today though and it was pretty good. Smoked much over the years, most always OMG good!!! (To me anyway!) but now I find myself critiqueing instead of enjoying. I've always been hard on myself with my homebrewing but 'que just seemed to always come out great in spite of me. Now I just don't seem to enjoy it fresh, when everyone else does. Anyone else like me?
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    It's not just you. Wrapping some smoked food up and refrierating over night alows the flavors to meld and penetrate even more, and it seems to me any harshness mellows out. This is why cheese is supposed to set for a couple weeks after smoking. I feel the same thing happens with meat but much quicker, overnight vs two weeks. Also being around the smoker all day does seem to numb the senses a bit. And over time, tastebuds will change and mature, becoming more sensitive to small nuances in flavors. Becoming critical of your own cooking is a good thing, it gets one motivated for improvement. But if it gets to a point you're not satisfied with your food, then it can dissuade a person from wanting to continue to cook.

    Sometimes I find it helps to take a breake from it once in a while and let someone else do the Q. Then I think, wow, im sure I can improve on that, then I'm back at it again.

    Also, trying a comepleatly different recipe on a particular meat helps change up the taste buds a bit.
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    Kind of along the same lines, it can get old when it takes more than 24 hours to wash the smoke smell out of my hands. Thank goodness it washes out of my clothes.

    Right now my hands smell like the weeds I've been pulling, after the first hand washing. Hey - that's trans-dermal chlorophyll uptake!
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    You could also try picking up some of those premade bbq flavored ribs from your local grocery. After eating those, I guaranty you'll be loving your own bbq again!!! 😃
  5. Glad it's not just me then, that's a relief!!!! Hate to think that my taste buds are changing so much as I get older. Maybe someday though, they'll come up with a viagra for older taste buds!
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    I never eat my smoked meats the same day i smoke them anymore. After being in the smoke all day i would rather a baloney sammich. day or two later i chow down.
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    Ok this will help but not a cure. Near the end of the cook try to stay a out of the smoke as much as you can. When you pull the meet at the end of the cook and its time to rest it before you slice or pull exc. You need to go shower, hot water stay in it for a few extra minutes and blow your nose alot. your scene of smell and taste are connected and your nose is full of smoke and soot so clean it out...when i cook a full day i wake up early then i start fire once meet is on and fire is steady i shower. mid day i rinse again or swim in the pool then once food is done i do whats listed above. But its not a 100% cure it is still better next day but sure helps...and as said above by some one else about smoke flavor blend is bonkers.sounds like soot covered food with burnt wood ashtray flavor and i hope thats not your problem.

    Good Luck 
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    Sounds like you need a set it and forget it type of smoker with a remote thermometer.

    Smoke from your La-Z-boy, enjoy a great meal then back in the recliner for a well deserved rest [​IMG]   
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    This works too!!! 😛
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    We have alot of family and friends over quite often.I do mostly all the cooking on the wood grills.When it is time to eat I seldom dont eat much at that time. It takes me some time to relax plus smelling food cooking for a long time kills the appetite.When I am done, is the time to have a few drinks and eat later.We have a big family always over 20 people so sit down dinners at the table do not happen more like buffet and eat till you are done.I do not have this problem when it is just me and the wife throwing a few steaks on the grill just the big long cookings.

    You are not alone hahahahahha

  13. I am the same. I don't think cooks overall have an appetite after cooking for a period of time. I've heard people say they like things if someone else is cooking!  I have lost mostly all of my tastes and smell so I rely on others opinions. However I do get more flavor that I can taste to a point after the meat has set overnight. The same with my chili, the kids like my chili and other family members do too. But my wife doesn't like spicy and I rely on what I taste while making it. If it comes out spicy I hear about it from the DW. I have found that it gets hotter in the freezer and the taste is more pronounced. I do have a better sense of smell until the meal is on the table. I eat what I know I used to like and eat more leftovers because I enjoy the flavors better. Yes, it could be due to getting older.  We can be our worst own critics. I do woodworking and I point out all the flaws in my work and my wife says they look good to her and we do shows and sell. I'm probably as hard on myself when it comes to smoking. Its a hobby to me and not a job so I get to be a perfectionist. When I was working, I did my job to the best of my ability and went home. 
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    Yep, very normal to not want to eat after cooking all day.  I have no appetite at all after spending all day in the kitchen or around the smoker when I cook for large groups of family, friends, coworkers, etc.  If I'm cooking for just me, my wife, and visiting kids, I still enjoy eating the same day.

    One of the reasons I smoke hot n fast and wrap is that it takes so much less effort and focus, especially if you can set and forget, merely monitoring temps from your couch.  I can actually enjoy the meat the same day I smoke it.  It does taste better the second day due to the flavor penetration of the rubs, spices, and jus but that's the nature of most cooked things from soup to lasagna.  Baked goods are just about the only exception to that rule, with the exception of some pies, like pumpkin or sweet potato which always taste better the second day.   

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