Is Canadian Bacon still safe

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by johgre078, May 5, 2015.

  1. johgre078

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    I had a loin in the freezer and decided to try making CB with it using praque #1.  I weighed the piece and it came out to 2.5 lbs. so according to the instructions that stated 1 tsp. for 5 lbs, I used 1/2 tsp.   I placed the meat in refrigerator April 4th and kept tuning it every day until we had company come into town and I totally forgot about the meat.  My question is do I now have to throw it away since a month has gone by?

  2. It should be fine. Is it a wet or a dry cure you are using?.

    Happy smoken.

  3. johgre078

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    Its a dry cure.  I wanted to use TQ but was unable to find around here.

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    I too am unable to find TQ in my area.  A local family Butcher/Specialty place had Con Yager's Quick Cure Salt.  Cure #1, salt and Sugar.  It does not have the cure#2 that TQ has, but it does make darn tasty Back Bacon.

  5. Maybe this should be a seperate post, or maybe it has been addressed previously, but, in a dry cure, how does 1/2 teaspoon of cure get evenly distributed around the meat? I have just begun trying my hand at curing, but was able to order TQ, which uses considerably more per pound. Just curious how it works.
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    You thoroughly mix the cure with salt and sugar and spices the apply all over the meat... I use 2% salt and 1% sugar (% of the weight of the meat).. that way it's never too salty.... using a grams scale is what I do.... they are about $15.....

    So, if the meat weighs 1000 grams ( 2# ) I add 20 grams salt and 10 grams sugar and the cure...

    Using cure #1, you can change the salt and sugar to your preference....

    The loin should be fine.... smell it....
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  7. Thanks Dave, That is where I got lost. wasnt aware of the other ingredients. Makes perfect sense now.

  8. johgre078

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    Thanks everyone,  I was worried that I lost it.


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