Is an All in One Smoker, Charcoal, and Propane Grill a decent choice?

Discussion in 'Washington Smoker Group' started by jasonwohlfeil, Feb 9, 2016.

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    So, it's been years since I've owned a smoker, but I've just bought a new house on a decent piece of property, and am considering my options.

    Shortly before moving, my gas grill had a control break, and while that isn't a huge deal, it has lived close to its life expectancy.  So, now I'm considering a shift to something new.

    I saw the Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn 3 burner grill on a recent trip to Lowes and was completely blown away, as I've been considering something similar as a built in for my new backyard.

    There are a few reviews of this guy on here, and generally speaking, they seem to be the majority positive.  There are a few mods that several people call out (better seals seems to be primary), but in general, it is overall positive.

    Now, given that I'm a single dad with custody, I want to make sure that I'm making a decent investment when I break over that $200 mark.  So my question is:
    1. Will this, or others like it, be a decent smoker, and get me and my son down the road to making our own jerky, smoked sausages, and other various meats?
    2. If not this style (all in one type of grilling item), what would you recommend?
    Thanks in advance,


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