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    I want to make the Wisconsin style brats on his page but im not familiar with a few ingredients if you could help.




    citric acid

    Thanks for help.
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    I'm a newb to sausage making but read somewhere that Accent flavor enhancer is msg....so I looked and sure enough, Accent is msg

    on the phosphates, he tells you somewhere on his page the phosphate that he uses and where he buys it from....not sure if it can be left out, or substituted....I was told by Butcher Packer that their special meat binder was phosphates but not sure if it's the same kind

    here is the link I had found on the phosphates he uses: http://store.theingredientstore.com/amesphos.aspx

    not sure about the other two

    Here's a link I found on sausage ingredients too

  3. countryrocker212

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    Alright thanks alot. Also does anyone have replacements or know if any of these ingredients should not be used for some reason. I remember hearing bad things about MSG.
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    Len uses Amesphos for his recipes. I normally use Butcher-Packer's special meatbinder in place of Amesphos. You could also try using nonfat dry milk. MSG gives my wife headaches so I omit that from recipes that call for it. Citric acid is of no concern.

    Just my opinion but I am very partial to his Sonoma brats. I usually substitute chuck for veal or use all pork. I also substitute a cup of Yuengling lager for the 2TBS wine. Much better than Johnsonville.
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    again, I'm a newb here so I maybe wrong on this:

    I think msg is just to enhance the flavor...I think you can eliminate that

    The phosphates I believe are to help the sausage retain moisture

    and the citric acid I think is to help retain the color of the sausage and perhaps act as a preservative by adding acidity

    as per that website I posted above, they say this about Sucrose"

    "This ingredient is not needed in sausage, but its main use is to offset the harsh taste of salt. Sugar does add flavor, aids in preserving the red color of cured meat, and browning (Maillard Reaction) during cooking. If you add too much salt to your sausage mix; adding some more sugar (not too much though) will sometimes save your sausage. Too much sugar will make it too sweet for the average sausage, though there are sweet sausages such as Chinese style sausages.

    Sucrose (sometimes called saccharose) comes from sugar cane or beets, and can include white refine sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, demerera sugar etc. The most common form is table sugar (white refine), which can be made from either sugar cane or beets; the manufacturer does not have to label which.

    Note: Sucrose should not be used in making fermented sausages. Use dextrose (glucose/corn sugar) or corn syrup solids, these are simple sugars that can easily be used by lactic bacteria to feed on and grow.

    so it looks like it will help with the browning color during cooking

    again I maybe wrong on these things and would like to know as well from someone who has experience
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